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UFC 268: Pre-fight Press Conference ctm magazine

Watch the UFC 268: Pre-fight Press Conference live on Thursday at 5pm ET / 2pm PT featuring main card athletes and Dana White.

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  • goyim lives matter on November 9, 2021

    usman vs MAGA fighters

  • MR. J on November 10, 2021

    UFC is okay without Conner

  • J Abz on November 10, 2021

    The black guy trying to press colby shouldn’t be allowed in a press conference again. He literally attacked him. Your there to ask questions about the bout mate not fire abuse at the man. If you want to do that cop for him after the conference? Extremely biased and the questions were ridiculous. Shouldn’t be allowed to be given a mic at a UFC event again.

  • seeni gzty on November 10, 2021

    Colby really called Usman a virgin. A VIRGIN 😂 Dude, he has a kid 😂😂 This really brought back the Oldschool Mcgregor press conference vibe🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • William Cooper on November 11, 2021

    Wow, Dumbington has no choice but to wait for Usman to retire to have a chance 😆

  • William Cooper on November 11, 2021

    Thank you Dumbington for making me so much money on the easiest bet I've ever made 😆

  • Genius Pigby on November 11, 2021

    Gaethje vs Covington
    You're Welcome

  • John Carlson on November 11, 2021

    Watching almost a week after the event as good as new 😂👍🏼

  • J J on November 12, 2021

    The moment between the trio that is Weil, Colby and Chandler is just wholesome….

  • AB Ryan on November 12, 2021

    Colby's suit, man, I love it

  • bouytt guyt on November 12, 2021

    I'm rooting for both these fellas. The more the press conference went on the more Kamaru and Colby found each other funny

  • J W on November 12, 2021

    Weili's translator is so fucking shit omg

  • Rodi Hernandez on November 13, 2021


  • eioshen boboi on November 13, 2021

    I'm rooting for both these fellas. The more the press conference went on the more Kamaru and Colby found each other funny 🤣

  • Big Fast on November 14, 2021

    why does usman talk about piss and sh*t so often?

  • Oh Boy on November 14, 2021

    This cringy press conference shows us all why Conor Mcgregor is an absolut LEGEND

  • oiuet souiu on November 14, 2021

    reflect how you can overcome all obstacles by yourself through the blood, sweat and tears that comes along.

  • Artificial Intelligence on November 16, 2021

    Colby cringe af

  • Flakoeツ on November 16, 2021
  • Myles Morgan on November 18, 2021

    the sound Dana makes @35:29 is hilarious yoo..

  • Abdy Getah😎💣💥 on November 19, 2021

    Fake Marty newsman 😂

  • jings brar on November 23, 2021

    colby killed…. lmfao

  • Myles Scott on November 24, 2021

    Go usman I told you Colby can't beat usman

  • Victor Venegas on November 25, 2021


  • berriboi on November 25, 2021
  • HMDSTECH on November 26, 2021

    Pink suit guy winner

  • Mayank Marwah on November 27, 2021

    Even Usman laughed at the Pepto Bismol line 😂😂

  • Imran Mazhar on November 27, 2021

    Congratulations. you all are real champions

  • bravis kool on November 27, 2021

    a close fight against the champ usman means nothing if u lose…..Dominic Reyes did the same to Jon jones…then lost to everyone else afterwards……colby is just another Dominic Reyes

  • Poof N I’m Gone on December 2, 2021

    2 🤡🤡🗑clowns that were in the UFC 268 Main Event and the rest up there on stage were the good ones. UFC loves the bs. 🤣 Hunter and Dana are also clowns.

  • AMOGH L on December 6, 2021

    lol pink suit guy memorising his talks 0:50

    …colby shut him up for few press conferences

  • Chris Arexagen on December 8, 2021

    Kamaru is a good dude . I dont think any fighter hates him . Even colby like him!

  • Kobain on December 9, 2021

    Just watched 269 presser an had to come back to this because of how much better it is lol

  • all is gray, all is dark on December 9, 2021

    Colby won rounds 3, 4 and 5

  • pete pistol on December 20, 2021

    Colby lost rounds 3, 4 and 5

  • pete pistol on December 20, 2021

    colby has a receding hairline

  • Bruno mateo Flores redrovan on December 22, 2021

    The best press conference in this year!

  • Naveen Bisht on December 22, 2021

    26:06 pepto bismol line

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