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UFC 271 Free Fight: Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori 2 ctm magazine

Back in 2021, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori ran it back at UFC 263 with Adesanya coming out victorious and defending his title after five rounds via unanimous decision. Adesanya faces another rematch in Robert Whittaker at UFC 271 for the middleweight belt on Saturday, February 12.

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  • Isaiah on February 2, 2022

    Damn, imagine thinking that you may have won then hear that every judge scored it 50-45.

  • Derrick Kofi Afrifa on February 2, 2022

    Man the head movements here 3:33 is epic

  • Yo Bum on February 2, 2022

    The best part about this fight was Izzy humbling Marvin ended with Marvin actually changing his whole persona and he’s actually not bad

  • TwonDaGreat on February 2, 2022

    I love Izzy but that first takedown from Marvin was so well timed

  • Josh on February 2, 2022

    I don’t think mark likes izzy that much 😂 looked like he about had it when he raised his own hands there lmao

  • Domino B. on February 2, 2022

    One word GOAT 🙂

  • JBGWMe _Crew on February 2, 2022

    What a bad fight!

  • Smallies on February 2, 2022


  • Dr. Loomis on February 2, 2022

    Vettori has the face of a mental patient…trust me I would know

  • T F on February 2, 2022

    5 rounds and barely any damage done to either fighter.

  • CRYPTOMAX on February 2, 2022

    Nice sparring session.

  • A Smith on February 2, 2022

    1st rd commentators were saying anything

  • Guy Quanstrom on February 2, 2022

    Izzy is an amazing fighter but not likeable, same as bones, you just wanna see him beat by a genuine smart fighter, Andi hug r.i.p would crush him, Ernesto hoost, takeda, Peter aerts, iron Mike, any of them are so much tougher.

  • V Bennett on February 2, 2022

    Adesanya is like a cat

  • daniel daniel on February 2, 2022

    I have a lot of respect for Marvin after all that costa bs.

  • Juan Pablo Ortega on February 2, 2022

    Why would the UFC upload this boring ass Adesanya fight to promote him instead of one of his multiple bangers?

  • M M B on February 2, 2022

    Most boring fight ever

  • TotallyNotBlade on February 2, 2022

    If Marvin ever started ripping body shots he’d be a terror.

  • Kamil Kot on February 2, 2022


  • Shayn Almeida on February 2, 2022

    "That is not a foul." 🤣😂🤣

  • John Racener on February 2, 2022

    Izy fight 😃

  • Adam Ayotte on February 2, 2022

    UFC 271 didn't even happen yet

  • Roland Pataki on February 2, 2022

    Izzy = Poetry in Motion…

  • dAniEL DiCk on February 2, 2022

    19:28 what you mean nice right hand that was nasty

  • Uh on February 2, 2022

    Izzy Arguably has the highest IQ in the entire ufc. He has more than 125 fights threw out his entire career. Crazy how so technically gifted he is especially when he fights flat footed most of the time.

  • Vince Ventura on February 2, 2022

    Izzy did literally nothing this entire fight n kept getting slip countered by Marvin over and over but nobody mentions it 😂 literally everybody’s story changes when it’s a fighter whose balls they have in their mouth . Vetorri has never been remotely close to hurt or remotely close to gassed . Izzy leg kicks do literally no damage I’m sorry but unless you’re a pussy they don’t do shit if you’re conditioned your shins . N if anybody says they do damage it’s because they train casually and never have to fight with adrenaline n know without a shadow of a doubt that you don’t feel shit during the fight that would cause you to impair your footwork . . Vettori ate a head kick from Costa to the neck n didn’t flinch , the commentary when Izzy fights is so bias that you casual fans buy into an absolutely delusional narrative .

  • John John on February 2, 2022

    Izzy clearly won the fight but imo his downfall is gonna be underestimating his opponent one day… still fun af to watch fight tho

  • Achim Noffke on February 2, 2022


  • Chris Mclovin on February 2, 2022

    In the delusional world, Marvin clearly won this fight

  • Vince Ventura on February 2, 2022

    Cannot listen to the commentary in this fight literally so delusional and biased the narrative Rogan and felder we’re trying to push . Izzy was getting caught with so many counter left straights and just jabs , not once did they mention it , not once did they mention Izzy toes in the fence ever single time he reversed .

  • Mike Danger on February 2, 2022

    Izzy must have one of those faces that people love to punch, cause I swear everybody he fights seems to forget they can target him below the neck. Hopefully Bobby Knuckles learned his lesson or else it's going to be more of the same.

  • Shafiq Ighbal on February 2, 2022

    I like how Izzy fake cries after Vettori punched him on his thigh before the final bell. So funny🤣🤣

  • Karen Took the Kids on February 2, 2022

    Imagine Izzy vs Anderson Silva both in their primes. 😍😍😍😍

  • Robot Koala on February 2, 2022

    I lost respect he did him dirty after the eye poke and nuts kick id have dq him worst unfair fight ive seen tbh

  • Warren Ryan on February 2, 2022

    that is not a foul

  • Ethan Morris on February 2, 2022

    Marvin was robbed! Those were 5 10-8 rounds

  • Trunks760 on February 2, 2022

    The troll

  • Moviefan1 on February 2, 2022

    29:24 vettori was really prolly thinking and new and new just to hear and still

  • dutch vender linde on February 2, 2022

    Marvin got robbed🤷‍♂️

  • Doms on February 2, 2022

    Daje marvigno, ci rifacciamo alla prossima 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤

  • ZNAK J on February 2, 2022

    Israel много кривляется, можно и нужно за это списывать очки

  • Toni M. on February 2, 2022

    Marvin gained alot of respect for taking that costa fight when he didn’t have to .
    Fought him at a different division and didn’t complain to much ,he just went in there and beat him .
    Don’t follow the crowd ,give that man some respect.
    Izzy is better yes,but that doesn’t mean Marvin is some trash fighter .

  • LG on February 2, 2022

    Talking about adesanya dominating this idiot guy for me so good feeling but 🤣 i remember one thing adesanya was planing to fight Jon jones,if that fight will go I cannot imagine how serious injury might be and broken everywhere

  • Merciless Lalla on February 2, 2022

    Vettori had no Chance with he’s style and he’s strikes if he really wanted to win he should have watched khabib vs gaethje fight because gaethje destroyed fighters with he’s kicks, khabib overcame that issue by chasing gaethje staying on top of him not allowing that much space between him & gaethje so gaethhe couldn’t gets he’s kicks going if he did there wasn’t much power in them, the style vettori had no way he was going to win plus he couldn’t do anything once he got style bender down loved the way style bender twisted and started to beat vettori 😵‍💫🤧😭all round good fight style bender defiantly the GOAT 👑👏👏👊🏿👊🏿😎😎😎😎

  • Francesco Fiorini on February 2, 2022

    50-45 jesus christ 🤡🤡

  • Hey Dad on February 2, 2022

    Adesanya sucks he don't wanna get hit he be running too much

  • NIGHTCORE XXX on February 2, 2022

    boring as hell from both of them

  • King T Davis on February 2, 2022

    The best fight I ever seen from Israel, just amazing!

  • Mark Moore on February 2, 2022

    Marvin is very limited..

  • Howabouthetruth on February 2, 2022

    "Holding his breath for 2 minutes & 50 seconds underwater, is impressive"………….TRY 4 MINUTES & 30 SECONDS UNDER WATER BY BOXING LEGEND VASILLE LOMACHENKO. ……Now THAT is impressive.

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