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UFC Auckland: Yan Xiaonan Octagon Interview ctm magazine

Yan Xiaonan meets with Dan Hardy in the Octagon after a unanimous decision win over Karolina Kowalkiewicz at UFC Auckland.

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  • tfardy271 on February 25, 2020

    learn english !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin H on February 25, 2020

    Huge respect for Karolina for being a warrior. Gave no excuses unlike the loud mouth Joanna Wannabe Champion. Best wishes for Karolina.

  • Ted22 on February 25, 2020

    Whats the translator name

  • Lee Jimmy on February 25, 2020

    xiaonan said i can't understand

  • Deb Rey on February 25, 2020


  • Zachary Wood on February 25, 2020

    worry translation

  • Daniela F on February 25, 2020

    Chinese fighters are the best of the best❤️🇨🇳❤️!!!! but the translator is shit XD

  • Janusz N on February 25, 2020

    Kochana Karolino ty to top modelkom a nie walczyc z takim upiorem Tom chinke Jak bym jom zobaczyl na ulicy to zawal szkarada kochana jestes Karolino wracai do zdroeia

  • CloudsBeyond on February 25, 2020

    Karolina SHOULD RETIRE NOW! Her time has passed – lost last 4 fights. Out of her last 8 fights she has lost 6 of them. Pretty slow, lacks devastating power, not amazing on the ground. Switching camps etc won't make a difference. If UFC doesn't cut her now then after another 1 or 2 losses for sure they would cut her anyway.

  • G-Green on February 25, 2020

    Vinner corona virus:D

  • keMALit Tapınakçı Katili on February 26, 2020

    Corona fighter 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • sweet tian on February 26, 2020


  • Thelma T on February 26, 2020

    Unqulified translator! Such a terrible job she has done!

  • Jiang Pan on February 26, 2020

    shame on the translator

  • Zoey Zhou on February 27, 2020

    Better Translater Please. She said a lot more then just beat copponent😂😂

  • Alex stackin on February 27, 2020

    lol she lost to a ling ling

  • 振远NG on February 28, 2020


  • Piotr D on February 28, 2020

    koronawirus win

  • Allyse Woods on February 29, 2020

    I know this girl. She is a lawyer and agent. The translator for the fighter was not allowed to enter the country last minute because of the coronavirus. This agent just happened to spend some time in China and knows a little Chinese and they told her to translate. Didn’t really have much of a choice because they didn’t take the time to get a different translator. She is very smart and worked hard to get where she is at. Just goes to show how people never know the whole story behind a video. How many people who are NOT translators could just jump into a situation like that and even have a response. I know I couldn’t!

  • DEEZVIC on February 29, 2020

    Aqui esta el primer comentario en en español, quiero mi like.

  • Johnny Rico on March 1, 2020

    She wants to know if she can hang out in your country until this thing blows over.

    She said Tony is the type of guy who demanded China to tear down its Wall.

    And She said her name is not Weili ..you b*tches.

  • VK Modding on March 2, 2020

    Neither Chinese nor English are my native languages but damn I could do a better job than that woman

  • Marek Jewtuszko on March 4, 2020

    Kowalkiewicz twój czas już minął są mocniejsze od Ciebie tu już sama technika nie starcza tu trzeba mieć ten dynamit 💣 teraz kontuzje nagle depresje i choroby się znajdą by ludzie łykneli twoja forma spada z walki na walkę.

  • Jiachang Yang on March 7, 2020


  • Joey on March 11, 2020

    She needs a better translator lol

  • Chi Leung on March 13, 2020

    Wow, very bad translation!

  • Jimbo Splice on March 15, 2020

    Sounds like she's mixing random Chinese/Korean/japanese all together ffs lol

  • hugsRN on March 16, 2020

    fuck china

  • Old Guy on March 30, 2020

    Guys, I know Karolina has gone downhill, but she was fighting half blind and took the fight to the end. If Yan had an eye injury, would she have lasted?
    I agree though, been telling her for ages to switch camp.

  • Daniel Zhou on May 15, 2020

    horrible translator!!!!

  • bittmanbobby on August 16, 2020


  • Nat N on August 19, 2020

    0:41 "I came here with the intention to win. Although getting through customs was difficult, I won this fight. Thank you!" She didn't say a single word about her opponent, but the translator made her sound like she was rubbishing KK, WTF.

  • Max樾 on November 3, 2020

    The translator really sucks.

  • C C on November 3, 2020

    The translation is shit

  • Mucked Madness on November 5, 2020

    Shittest translator , even Yan was like uhh dunno what you said

  • YOU YOU on November 8, 2020

    Well, Chinese fighters never got a proper translator, its much more amusing to watch these translator's performance than the fight itself

  • LESLY KELY SOLORZANO CADILLO on December 8, 2020

    Valentina Shevchenko

  • YouTube Addict on July 7, 2021

    I spent 10 years in China , know Chinese enough to hold conversations , so I can guarantee u the translator didn’t translate both sides properly. She was terrible !!!

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