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UFC Debut: Kamaru Usman vs Hayder Hassan | Free Fight ctm magazine

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman made his Octagon debut when he won the The Ultimate Fighter season 21 finale back in 2015. 11 consecutive wins later Usman captured UFC gold.

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  • massafakka on April 3, 2022

    Marty juiceman

  • Dan Wiley on April 4, 2022

    I hate watching this guy and you know why. I just hope Khamzat takes him out.

  • Sycamore on April 9, 2022

    Pressure makes diamonds

  • TheWolf_757 on April 9, 2022

    Usman is an overrated hype-job and a coward, he's terrified on the WOLF
    🐺 and is running for deal life trying his best to avoid Khamzat and all costs.

  • Lil Hit on April 9, 2022

    Usman a real 1…

  • Austin Belt on April 10, 2022

    This fight wasn’t even worth watching

  • i see too ´many fight of usman- looks like he has faught evry man in the UFC

  • Sur Pawar on April 12, 2022

    Usman vs khamzat that’s it,, if Usman beats him. Usman is p4p fighter

  • Edi Son on April 12, 2022

    Membosankan 👎

  • Larry Rony on April 13, 2022

    I don't think Khamzat can beat this animal

  • LeNoir on April 15, 2022

    Great fight! Great commentary

  • Ben Grant on April 16, 2022

    The owner of the black zillions a white man..

  • marksman issa on April 18, 2022

    that was impressive, hard to believe he still got better

  • Sungkar Cityzens on April 20, 2022

    Kamaru Usman V Khabib
    come on Dana, make our dream becomes true….

  • Syndic Calls on April 21, 2022

    This was back when he was still snoozeman

  • A R on April 22, 2022

    Usman's back reminds me of Yujiro.

  • Random Stuff on April 24, 2022

    Listen to commentary in first round how they doubt Usman 🤭😂😂

  • Derek De Ville on April 24, 2022


  • LandoMusic89 on April 25, 2022

    Wild 5-1 here . Goes on to be the p4p Goat

  • Pokeunite gaming on April 26, 2022

    Hassan lost because he does not represent his real identity

  • 子銘黃 on April 27, 2022

    Poor Masvidal just one punch
    Never bloating in front of the Nigerian Nightmare

  • Romeo on April 28, 2022


  • Ahsan Ahmed on May 4, 2022


  • _ m on May 10, 2022

    Song name?

  • YANZIDEER on May 10, 2022

    Fight starts at 3:41

  • Imri Sagive on May 12, 2022

    Well fought Hasan, he was just better today. Great fight ❤️

  • Mukul Tomar on May 18, 2022

    In that much time hayder only got his attention

  • norma younan on May 18, 2022

    I love watching ufc fighters hurting eachother… i guess im just as sick as they are 🤷🏼‍♀️ lol

  • Matt M on May 18, 2022


  • Igor on May 24, 2022

    Usman looks like the Starvin Marvin on roids.

  • Free Account on May 24, 2022

    usman deserves respect

  • THENEWSOCIETYOFTODAY 448 on May 25, 2022

    It's crazy his team picked against him they chose luque but coach seen the talent and picked usman for the finale

  • mxamiss5 on May 27, 2022

    Usman wasnt enjoyable until he fought under Trevor and this fight created an all time interview with Cruz

  • GVgaming 360 on May 28, 2022

    did usman lose some muscle mass? or did he add more fat cause he looks wayy more defined here.

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