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UFC Debut: Nick Diaz vs Jeremy Jackson 3 | Free Fight ctm magazine

Stockton’s own, Nick Diaz, made his Octagon debut at UFC 44 in 2003 which also happened to be a trilogy fight with Jeremy Jackson

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  • Teh Doge Father on March 4, 2022

    Great display of sportsmanship by both 😊

  • Stinging Metal on March 5, 2022

    Joe Rogan is awesome

  • Dennis Orr on March 7, 2022

    Nothing more entertaining than the Diaz bros ! Amazing skill and you just can't help but route for them!

  • Blah Blahblahblah on March 10, 2022

    Is funny calling these other guys wirld.. been doing boxing at young age they didn't know yet..

  • sumtincrazy1 on March 23, 2022

    Nick is by far one of my favorite fighters ever! Both brothers are great but nick is the man!

  • chgofirefighter on March 25, 2022

    Nick got screwed by ufc bs weed suspension. Meanwhile, you have other mma fighters doing cocaine, jail, arrest, ped’s etc and they don’t even get lengthy suspension. What was done to Nick was criminal

  • Gilles Carpentier on March 26, 2022

    The diaz Brothers waisted there careers on smoking drugs ,that's the reason they never became ufc champions!!!!!!

  • Papa Bear on March 27, 2022

    Steve Mazagatti, one of the worst

  • Quasar Leon on April 3, 2022

    I'm pretty sure I was still peeing my pants at their age . lol

  • Sofa_King_Kool on April 9, 2022

    Nick's first words after Buffer announces his win is "f-ed up," man is a topnotch sportsman.

  • JK on April 9, 2022

    Joe Rogan was an annoying level of about 1000 in this fight and I like him. I hate when people state obvious information especially over and over again.

  • Jon Done on April 10, 2022

    II used to roll with Nick, not that special tbh

  • Sheriyar khan on April 12, 2022

    Nick Diaz vs Kevin Holland

  • Legend on April 14, 2022

    Diaz wasnt a great Striker…..became one of the best boxer/strikers

    GSP wasnt a great wrestler….became the best wrestler

  • Craig Says on April 14, 2022

    Damn. Nick Diaz was just 10 years too early. Imagine if this guy was competing today….. he's better than Nate

  • Jj Jordan on April 17, 2022

    Cant stand Jeremy Jackson. Dudes a super douche if there ever was one.

  • One ANGRY Goy on April 18, 2022

    Both those fools nate and nick have absolutely shit boxing! And you guys just simp hard. Lmao. Wtf ever!

  • One ANGRY Goy on April 18, 2022

    WTF! His arm wasn't even extended! A 1 second arm bar and the man taped? With a bent elbow. Wtf ever. Rigged as F!!

  • DewkChronic on April 18, 2022

    20 year old Nicky, holy cow.

  • Nate The Great  on April 20, 2022

    Jeremy Jackson actually improved a whole lot between their 2nd fight and this fight. I'm impressed how he got up a couple times and the way he defended on the ground. Amateur but massive improvement. If you know anything about MMA you know it's absurd for him to improve THAT MUCH in such a short time. It takes YEARS to develop the muscle memory and to get your brain to click into gear for grappling in a fight. Because we all revert to what we know best in times of stress. Great job Jeremy Jackson. I'm a Diaz fan but this fight you gained my respect then. Love rewatching these old fights. Early UFC was just as awesome as it is now.

  • STATUStheSHOKWAVE on April 20, 2022

    This fight was a true clash of styles

  • Arvis Arvids on April 21, 2022

    Hes got 25to Life in jail for rape

  • Grumpy Gardner on April 21, 2022

    One of the best fights I've seen.

  • Gravel_Guppies on April 22, 2022

    Diaz' stand up not as good? Joe must be lit out his mother loving mind

  • nobody on April 23, 2022

    Chael actually won this fight. Hes the type of guy that wins fights he wasn't even in. Tony, not so much.

  • N on April 24, 2022

    Diaz looks a lot stronger here 💪🏼 Even when he was in his prime, I’ve never seen him that big.

  • Rain on April 24, 2022

    god those cornermen were fucking annoying

  • burning ember on April 25, 2022

    Atteeeention mutha fukers.

  • J HEEZ on April 25, 2022

    this was probably 2003 .maybe 2004 ….man i miss them days

  • Graham .25 on April 26, 2022

    Jeremy Jackson raped multiple people, so it’s nice to see things like this

  • Fresh on April 26, 2022

    Poster Child for drugs ruining what could have been.

  • Nm Kh on April 26, 2022

    Damn Nick looks really strong for a 20 year old. He will always be better than Nate imo Nick went inside the octagon to win the fight by all means necessary brawl, jiu Jitsu whatever. Nate on the other hand just doesn't give a shit about winning or losing.He just craves unnecessary brain damage.

  • Jason Mariani on April 27, 2022

    Nick is always respectful to those that respect him. If you disrespect Nick……. Uhhh it get real ugly real quick

  • Larva S on April 27, 2022

    Nick Diaz my idola UFC ❤️❤️❤️

  • Elmo Blatch on April 28, 2022

    2:47 Joe says Jeremy Jackson is not going to be able to get up from this, and…he instantly gets up.

  • Aaron Bazan on April 29, 2022

    Nick Diaz the complete ball sniffer, butt whiffer etc. Sorry ifn tha truth hurts

  • I’m Lonely on May 1, 2022

    how did people forget about diaz’s shoulder strikes ? lmao

  • drrjim on May 5, 2022

    Announced the winner..boos.. Nick says "fucked up"..

  • Matthew Pamatian on May 5, 2022

    Joe rogan sounds like fkn eminem from marshal mathers Lp

  • Monic on May 7, 2022

    I just ate a blue raspberry fruit by the foot who the fuck knew they had those this shits lit

  • KStudio on May 11, 2022

    the announcer is watching a different fight?

  • Tallhillbilly on May 15, 2022

    Thought Diaz said he's a Republican they don't lay in their back with a man between their legs…😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Steefan nafeets on May 17, 2022

    The scorpion? Lol couldn’t get anymore generic

  • Flin Flon on May 19, 2022

    Jeremy Jackson looks like Test from WWE

  • Noor Felomina on May 22, 2022

    Love diaz bros..really theres something about them two..im attracted to..good fighter theyre..true fighter u know..absolutely d best fighters in ufc history too!?

  • michael s on May 24, 2022


  • yen aponte on May 25, 2022

    Nick was absolutely beautiful my god 😩

  • Chris Ratliff on May 27, 2022

    Nick and Nate Diaz are the GOAT

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