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UFC Records: Most Title Fight Wins ctm magazine

These athletes have the most wins in UFC title fights so far in the promotion’s history.

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  • Norman LaddleSchnitzel on December 9, 2021

    I wouldnt be surprised if GSP had the most title fight round wins in the UFC to this day. So many full fights where he lost not even a round.

  • halneufmille on December 9, 2021

    GSP turning Josh Koscheck's face to pulp should be worth 2 points.

  • Lalsiamthara Ralte on December 10, 2021

    I dont like Jon Jones, actually he is not a good entertainer..like csmparing to cormier etc…

  • TrapSkateLive on December 16, 2021

    Make a list of the most title fight losses

  • runeplate123 on December 16, 2021

    Yet they treat jones like shit….

  • Ryan Anthick on December 16, 2021

    Reyes was clearly robbed against Jones 😒😒

  • Tyler Ma on December 17, 2021

    DEMETRIOUS boiii how hard is tht to spell

  • Zero Six on December 22, 2021

    man I know Jon Jones have made mistakes and did pretty terrible things , but man oh man he is unbelievable when he is on him prime and when his focus he's unbeatable. everything feel into place for him in the UFC his life is perfect story of failing oneself.

  • Danny Sultan on January 2, 2022

    Matt hughes had such a good career when he got hit by a train that was devistating for the ufc

  • Sanchit Singh on January 2, 2022

    GSP is the GOAT

  • Lazarus Karl on January 2, 2022

    My Hero@G.O.A.T GSP…
    Randy Couture had a lot of respect of him…also a great 2 division Champ too..much respect…Salute

  • Rebelinparadise 71 on January 3, 2022

    Jones had to cheat a few times. Sad.

  • S. Hardy on January 5, 2022

    Jon « roids » Jones

  • Adrian Polasky on January 14, 2022

    Idc what anyone says. GSP is GOAT nuff said

  • Dripy on January 15, 2022

    Lol fake ass Jon jones was stripped of everything is ever had lol I love it..damn toads gotta cheat at everything they do

  • Idk Jj on January 16, 2022

    Bro everytime i see Jones hitting someone on the ground it looks like he’s trying to kill them

  • J R on January 18, 2022

    If you tap twice you tapped out! I can see how one tap can be exused but not 2 taps..

  • J R on January 21, 2022

    Jon jones is a cheat

  • Trent Evenson on January 23, 2022

    Jones did his Miley Cyrus impersonation

  • Aaron James Constantino on January 28, 2022

    Accept Jesus now. Pray. Admit that you are a sinner. Repent. And Accept Jesus as your personal SAVIOR. God Bless you all.

  • Proud to be a simp on February 1, 2022

    GSP lost to Hendrix,Hendrix was robbed

  • The Ghastly Grinner on February 1, 2022

    Isn't Jon Jones a cheat using peds while fighting clean Fighter's? Gsp was clean fighting insanely juiced up monsters.

  • Local Rabbi on February 2, 2022

    You can always spot the casual mma fan a mile away when they say Jones the doper is goat.

  • Mario Afferri on February 10, 2022

    Big chest, big shoulders, big arms
    Ok now lets see his legs

  • MMAfansCanBkind on February 12, 2022

    14 about to fight for the HW interem belt this year and unfortunately I think he can beat Stile it's such a bad match up for him.

  • Marty Truelove on February 12, 2022

    Hendricks lost twice if you include the TAP OUT @ 4:23…and he is mad @ the outcome(throw in some juice as well).

  • Fawad Khan on February 14, 2022

    Why don't they Fight with Khabib 💪

  • BRANCHES OF YAH on February 16, 2022

    But we all know that Reyes beat Jones, so it's him and George St-Pierre tied at 13 in reality

  • Hayden Jacobson on February 21, 2022

    Chael losing after dominating Silva for 4 1/2 rounds and getting caught in a triangle may be the biggest comeback in UFC history

  • JIA JIA on February 22, 2022

    Jon is like Barry in baseball. We'll never really know the truth 😢

  • Jackson Fair on February 23, 2022

    Matt Hughes is a bad man

  • Honcho Hamza on March 8, 2022

    11:06 has to be the quickest tap I’ve ever seen in my life 😭😭😭 come on George even Connor took longer to tap against Khabib 🤦🏾‍♂️ can’t be my goat but he avenge both of his losses but I can’t overlook a tap that quick and premature the round ended literally 1 second after 😭😭😭 Kamaru is better I’m sorry! 💯

  • akthar sahabaz on March 18, 2022

    And still Jon the steroid jones🤣

  • Tajo Amos on March 19, 2022

    And they say kobib is the the god🙄

  • minds eye on March 24, 2022

    Jon jones 14 👊🏿❤🖤💚

  • minds eye on March 24, 2022

    I Iove that 3 of the 5 on this list are black we are the best ❤️🖤💚👊🏿✊🏿

  • J.I J.I on March 25, 2022

    GSP 👑🐐

  • FUZZYKITTYTM JEB on March 25, 2022

    I hate jones

  • Mike Hobbins on March 26, 2022

    Where is Khabib?

  • Thineth Kanchana on March 27, 2022

    Where is khabib?

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