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UFC São Paulo: Jan Błachowicz and Jacare Octagon Interview ctm magazine

Hear from Jan Błachowicz and Jacare after their bout in São Paulo.

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  • Mighty M0uzzz on November 17, 2019

    I miss strikeforce that shit was awesome. Wtf is this bs

  • andre augusto on November 17, 2019

    The gator wins

  • El Anti-Friendzone on November 18, 2019

    People were so upset about Jacare's performance they even cheered Jan a little bit hahahah

  • American Argonaut on November 18, 2019

    This interpreter knows his languages! Lol we should see if he knows pig Latin ha!

  • Paweł JH * . * on November 18, 2019

    Jan Błachowicz champ👑🏆

  • fajnyMaciek08 on November 18, 2019


  • marques do rio on November 18, 2019

    Lugar de jacaré é no Rio

  • Drew Jamila on November 18, 2019

    What language does Blachowicz speak?

  • Marcio Adriano Silva on November 18, 2019

    Sempre roubando o jacaré

  • Harnajam Najam on November 18, 2019

    Its time for Souza to hang up gloves

  • Emdoublegee on November 18, 2019

    Garbage card

  • furiata heniek on November 18, 2019

    POLAND The best szmaty

  • Team TayTay on November 19, 2019

    I can't remember last time I called a fight boring and I watch pretty much all of then but this was the shittest card and main event I've ever seen, I even fell asleep during the main event(no joke)…

  • F M on November 20, 2019


  • R on November 20, 2019

    Jacare was fat and slow, really flatt footed. This does not bode well for him…

  • MBB media on November 20, 2019

    https://youtu.be/S28XzYooMJA you don’t see many such techniques

  • Alpha Male on November 20, 2019

    Fucking brazillian crowd, you guys don't know how to score a fight

  • Master League on November 20, 2019

    Jan Błachowicz win that fight 5 rounds to 0

  • Yasirkhan4114 Afg on November 20, 2019


  • David Lofton on November 21, 2019

    Blanchowiczzzzz vs. Jacare Souzzzzza – the perfect sleep aid

  • M R on November 30, 2019

    Excuses from Jacare

  • John Smithy on December 4, 2019

    This fight was awesome

  • TheGreatSohrab on December 5, 2019

    Souza Was Robbed Period.

  • Louie Paul on December 13, 2019

    Sal d'amato is the worst judge in the ufc

  • Dedde on December 25, 2019

    i want my 25 mins back pls

  • dsadad21 on April 28, 2020

    What's the translators name? He should be on a joe rogan podcast

  • ddg 1002 on May 17, 2020

    Casuals be like: "clINCH iS boRiNg, sTAnd aNd bAnG, BRuh."

  • marko monstar on September 26, 2020

    Don't understand why ESPN/UFC don't make these full fight replays available.

  • Steven Beer on October 7, 2020

    Bisping and blachowicz look related

  • Steven Beer on March 17, 2021

    Still hats off to Jacare, he made Jan Blachowicz go the distance, instead of getting knocked out like the other middleweights that went up. No offence.

  • Boofy on March 21, 2021

    Michael Bisping > Joe Rogan

  • dszdj 29 on October 8, 2021

    Comment section has never grappled b4. Souza 3-2

  • Sean MMA on October 25, 2021

    Edgy judges robbed Bobby green

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