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UFC Shenzhen: Weigh-in ctm magazine

Watch the UFC Shenzhen Weigh-in live on Friday, August 30th at 7am/4am ETPT.

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  • 1101bear1011 on August 31, 2019

    blah blah blablabla…."crowd cheers"

  • throbadelica on August 31, 2019

    mark de la rose took his t shirt off with his hat on…… magic mark

  • Jeff Cline on August 31, 2019

    Jessica looks like tj dillashaw just before he got busted for steroids. Just saying…

  • skk supa on August 31, 2019

    Man only the main event I know. Who the fuck are the rest ?

  • Damien Sailo on August 31, 2019

    Dustin stands no chance, habib will smash him by his humping style

  • mark vietti on August 31, 2019

    boring fights

  • Ben Burnside on August 31, 2019

    That Promo Video for the Main Event was $$$$$$$$$$$$. Made me super hyped for the Main Event. With the new factor of China, it comes off as a Special Moment in the UFC

  • Funny Vids on August 31, 2019

    Worst event ever.

  • Joe Bovovitch on August 31, 2019

    Go China!!

  • Sy on August 31, 2019

    Why tf isn’t Song Yandong on this card

  • Corwyn Warwaruk on August 31, 2019

    UFC in Shenzhen? UFC has sold its sole to the Chinese communist party. With the brutal suppression of protesters in Hong Kong everything Chinese including the UFC should be boycotted!

  • Chris Love on August 31, 2019

    Andrade is answer was on point …poor Chinese

  • Bonwren Taylor on August 31, 2019

    How the hell does Andrade not test positive for steroids !? Think they need to step up, or introduce, the random unannounced drug tests….

  • Restauranthony Zúñiga on August 31, 2019

    macho men stedoires es chika es un hombre ,,,,natural no es es un hombre con esteroides

  • DOZIER MUZIC on August 31, 2019

    These translations are killing me. Lol

  • Steve Lashuk on August 31, 2019

    porier got ko d like a baby with conner,behind the ear he is sleeping.

  • Steve Lashuk on August 31, 2019

    Khabib just needs to fight a good wrestler and he is going to have problems.

  • Morgo _ on August 31, 2019

    Jessica 'TRT' Andrade

  • Steve Lashuk on August 31, 2019

    wish he would go to 170

  • Steve Lashuk on August 31, 2019

    i hope porier wins

  • Steve Lashuk on August 31, 2019

    joanna is going to take the belt back now that rose dont have it.

  • Steve Lashuk on August 31, 2019

    watch your ankles khalabebs in the house.lol.

  • Steve Lashuk on August 31, 2019

    what a shit card…

  • DeadShot! on August 31, 2019

    Shittiest card of the year

  • The Zionist Slayer on August 31, 2019

    Ni nabui chao Chibai!!!!!

  • Johnny Fletcher on August 31, 2019

    Two words. Tony Ferguson.

  • Skies on August 31, 2019

    andrade is not playing

  • R35_ STONESkull1 on August 31, 2019

    Knew Jessica was gonna get destroyed been saying it all week let's goooo

  • Made Cham on August 31, 2019

    The chinese just knocked her out cold

  • Cristoman on August 31, 2019

    Andrade will lose in the 3rd by submission

  • Gerry Bird on August 31, 2019

    i didn't think anyone was gonna beat Rose until I saw this Chinese girl. I doubt Andrade beat Rose again if they fight. Rose was lighting her up. But this other girl's combo are something special. Her power and speed are special for her size.

  • L Androide on August 31, 2019

    Ridiculoes andrade vs zhang.

  • Maarten on August 31, 2019

    the middle octagon girl is gorgeous.

  • Искандер Бузаев on August 31, 2019

    Если честно очень странный бой КОНОРА!!!!!!!!!!!! С ХАБИБОМ

  • GG Yubari on August 31, 2019

    42 seconds lol

  • Iamzombiehunter on August 31, 2019

    This Video SUCKS ,
    no need to include china in the MMA.
    Reality check,
    just another 3rd world country trying to kiss the words ass in every way possible
    and the MMA is no exception.
    Nuff said VIDEO FAIL.

  • MarcBR1 on August 31, 2019

    20:18 Lol

  • 이건희 on September 1, 2019

    시..벌 소개를 중국어로 하니까 ㅈ 같노

  • T-800 on September 1, 2019

    wow the asian showgirl on 21:18 is hot, what's her name?

  • Fran Bones on September 1, 2019

    Do all mcmaker rub their hands like flies? or what is this roll about, balls

  • LuKe10559 on September 2, 2019

    Very nice and beautiful new Asian ring girls! What are their names?

  • LuKe10559 on September 2, 2019

    3:05 Names?

  • Jason Carson on September 2, 2019

    That crowd is insanely respectful, it's almost eerie

  • Islam Babajanov on September 3, 2019

    Does anybody know the name of a song when the first pair weighs in? Thanks in advance.

  • Vankruze on September 3, 2019

    I don't normally get turned on by women with muscles but damn Weili Zhang oh my lord! <3

  • Meletis Pogkas on September 3, 2019

    she should play Mulan in a movie

  • Hujair on September 12, 2019

    @22:!1 lol, her chin and forehead scream testosterone

  • Alin Bucur on March 27, 2020

    a tough fight
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💙

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