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UFC Vegas 2: Charles Rosa Post-fight Interview ctm magazine

Hear from UFC lightweight Charles Rosa (13-4) after he won his fight with Kevin Aguilar via split decision.

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  • BALAM• 888 on June 13, 2020

    Furst like

  • Irico Tengu on June 13, 2020


  • Carl Aaron on June 13, 2020

    first view 🙂

  • John Morestin on June 13, 2020

    Andre Fili Vs Bryce Mitchell!

  • BALAM• 888 on June 13, 2020

    And furst vieus

  • Bulut aksu on June 13, 2020

    Türk varmı ??? 🇹🇷 beğeninde sayımızı görelim

  • John Morestin on June 13, 2020

    So uhhh who's actually watching this card tonight?

  • Bryan Figueroa on June 13, 2020

    We truly have a problem. This card is ass but we still watching lol

  • maxx madd on June 13, 2020


  • xBrand0n97 on June 13, 2020

    can't wait to Vettori's on youtube HAHAHAHahahahah

  • Adam Roberts on June 13, 2020

    Knew this card would be a banger lol.

  • Muhammadricky Abdullah on June 13, 2020

    Damn.. split decision…that huge win for him

  • Conor Mcgregor on June 13, 2020

    Good for Rosa a winner and a go getter even in defeat his last fight I was highly impressed dude doesn’t know the meaning of the word QUIT he’s unbreakable mentally.

  • 3WAYS on June 13, 2020

    Legend !

  • Likewise4Gaming on June 13, 2020

    I live about 10 minutes from Peabody and actually met this dude! Great down to earth kid too

  • Juan Miguel Hurtado on June 13, 2020

    Congratulaysions To Charles Rosa He Deserves To Be In The Top 10 In The Division It Would Be Fantastic And Charles Rosa This Message Is For You Buddy. Listen You Have To Get The Coronavirus Test In West Palm Beach. On 41st Street If You Live In Miami Florida Thats Amazing They Would Check-Your Blood Alright Buddy. I Would Be Praying For You My Dog I Promise You Brother I See You Soon Boy.

  • STIN AGU on June 13, 2020

    Might just go to bed and skip the main event 😴

  • frances vilogron on June 13, 2020


  • L on June 13, 2020

    I don't understand why you still show the winners in the thumbnail! Do you know what a spoiler is? You are losing your company sales

  • Chuganautics on June 13, 2020

    Boston strong

  • Guga Bastos on June 13, 2020

    I'll be honest, for the worst card in terms of name value I've seen, the fights are actually being good, I've seen many ppv's that were way below this card

  • A Blue Whale on June 13, 2020

    Meme thumbnail

  • thomas jusinski on June 13, 2020

    I’m just happy to see some fights, it’s the only game in town right now. Even if some of the fights are boring, at least I’m getting my fix.

  • Myles Scott on June 13, 2020

    Let's go rosa badass fighter

  • Nathan J on June 13, 2020

    Paul Felder looks like a pro on camera now

  • Aisadal on June 13, 2020

    I'm happy he won. Though I wish they helped clean his injuries before they did the interview

  • MMA. uz on June 13, 2020


  • MMA. uz on June 13, 2020

    Ko'cha janglari kanalimga a'zo bo'lila eng zo'r kanal

  • MMA Reviewer. on June 13, 2020

    Good for you brother. Man that cut though! Fk!
    How do we get in the UFC, to test it out with one of these guys?
    I want 145.

  • Celtic Glasgow on June 13, 2020

    2 journeymen

  • PRIMAL GAMER XD on June 13, 2020

    You know who the winner is before they even say their name.

  • goose nuts on June 14, 2020

    UFC if you see this. Please try to get conner to see this. He is why I want to do mma when I get older. I would love to talk to him. Do your thing please.

  • Mohammed Fahd on June 14, 2020

    Honestly speaking this guy wont survive fr long.
    Looked stiff as hell

  • Troy MMA on June 14, 2020

    Nah judges are wrong, Kevin won like round 1 and 2. 3 I guess went to Rosa but idk it was close as it was, but Kevin I thought won but whatever XD

  • mrcain on June 14, 2020

    Felt like that interviews was being played at 1.5 speed

  • MaNxei Plays on June 14, 2020


  • Robert 520 on June 14, 2020

    Masvidal is scared of usman 😂😂😂

  • Skillet Burritos on June 14, 2020

    idk if jessica eye looks like him or vice versa but its wild how they look alike.

  • REZシ Life on June 14, 2020

    Reminds me of Nate

  • Dev on June 14, 2020

    Wish I would have bet, can’t believe he was the underdog

  • Harry Selby on June 14, 2020

    Adam Devine is really looking like he's looking after himself lately

  • Boa Boy on June 14, 2020

    Charles "Wonderboy" Rosa

  • Just MyTwoCents on June 14, 2020

    I’m not saying he lost but that was a pretty close fight. He went tooth and nail with a chiny Kevin Aguilar that had just gotten thumped by Tuhkagov. He’s 33 with a bad neck and has literally been alternating wins and losses his entire UFC career. I just don’t understand the push he gets. Prelim fighter if there ever was one.

  • DaBaby Choi on June 14, 2020

    Fight felt kinda slow. Rosa led the dance and Aguilar looked super flat. Might be his third straight loss if I remember correctly

  • Mark Mark on June 14, 2020

    Who that fook are those guys?

  • Dean Bushle on July 29, 2020

    Who's here after finding out hes related to the guy that runs anabolic aliens youtube channel

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