UFO Files: Strange Phenomena in Japan’s Enigmatic Triangle (S3, E3) | Full Episode webfi


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    I yhink its all Demonic in nature, going back forever in history, given all of the worshipping of the serpent, dragon, any many other incarnations of Satan👽👹👽🛸🐉🐉🪱

  • @Em-90458 on April 26, 2024

    What year did this come out? The weird in the corner camera angles are giving me déjà vu lol.

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    Al👽ha 🛸

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    Why is the cameraman so afraid of the Japanese dude?

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    It’s only and area with volcanic activity and some or the worse sea’s on the planet and y’all not talking about that though.

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    Maybe theres a portal there to a alternate universe…

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    There’s no dragon see your words doesn’t make it so

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    Some of these comments seem so unthunk!! Good reads😅

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    Love it when people say "the 3 items were flying in a triangle". Duh. Either that or a line are the only possibilities! (Or a dot if they all line up)

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    I've been over it a few times and the pilot announced we're going over it.

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    Our technology needs to be in the water because the temperature is not human friendly

  • @efranlaboy554 on April 27, 2024

    Those who abducting people are not us because we help human but your government doesn't care about you and their own citizens and because of that they are growing in numbers and they are infiltrated your government agencies in order to manipulate humanity

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    Good to see Asian Dwight Schrute is doing well!

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    They should take a boat with video cameras with emp proof shielding an send it out, an see what happens!~

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    Myth following, for navigation links to by sea,

    Zeus's lightening bolts given by dwarfs to the giant in comparison, would have magnetic field surrounding it?

    Manufactured theory of charges.

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    The world is amazing I believe they are living under our oceans I believe they have Bill colonies under the ocean it's fascinating so fascinating❤

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    I'm so happy that you're sharing all this information to people are prepared people are ready the government is keeping secrets from us I am so happy that they're coming out with videos like this to prepare people for what may happen 🙏❤️🙏❤️

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    This is a very educational program real to life❤

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    Love Dr Steven Greer❤

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    No No No not heavenly winds saved Japan from the mongol invasion it was the DRAGON GODZILLA that's who saved Japan since they believe in dragons why not the grandaddy of all dragons Godzilla

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    😊me guataria que fuese traducido en castellano gracias

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    Everyone us it's not like some TV show about this view of UFOs and a few other things you too be afraid has Well, if something happens to you.

  • @user-zx5fo5xx3o on May 5, 2024

    are these conspiracy gov programs just to up the fear factor, fear mongering to control population like religion in the time of past kings and Rome, supposed aliens and threat of invasion from space and supposed secret deep space programs. wanting to disarm us ? destruction of freedom an rights ?

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    strategically these are placed. I’m both different end of the world. Worst the third one it just seems that that circle yellow line. Where is on the top of the north something is wrong here that there is a connection or something that is controlling the connection of the the dragons triangle, more likely the serpent triangle, and that of the Bino triangle as the and the Bermuda triangle

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    The dragons triangle in Japan is very very dangerous. Why would anyone go there? I mean seriously why why would anyone sit there in trouble around that someone has to be a complete moron or idiot there that that hostile side from ghost there is a lot of mysteries of the dragon triangle and that’s terrible. That is terrible for anyone to go. If Americans were going there all the time they were all disappear in an instant, and there will be no way that Japanese and Japanese know about this kind of paranormal, super paranormal investigation that they cannot solve, but they know why because of their ancient ancestors had long fights wars. I mean, this has something to do with the wars and blood slaughter of the dragons of the hole.

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    I really think that people should stay away from the dragons of Japan their own Bermuda because you know that’s very dangerous. It’s just very dangerous absolutely dangerous because they’re certain powerful legends but they inside the ocean sometimes think that the ocean itself from Japan has eyes just mad ice in the sea and it’s not good. It’s just not good. It’s just stay there. It’s you know it’s frightening becauseit turns black black blue and it’s not good and then something happens. There’s a big hole warp and it’s not good.😮

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    I was born and have lived in Japan for more than a half century, but have never heard about this before…
    A deep secret only among pilots and sailors???

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    the bermuda triangle is more famous because it's U.S. and we all know that's the center of the universe.

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    the Dragon's Triangle is a vortex…same as the Devil's Triangle off Florida's east coast !

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    Interesting 😊 Love William Shatners voice.. ❤️ 💙 😊 (?)

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    So if its happening to this day why not talk about the more recent events and not the same stories from the past ?🤔

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    Wow way to go history I never knew there was someone flying with Amelia Earhart the whole time, I guess because she was a woman she was the only one that mattered in history

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    Well done ! Thank you!

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    UFO files is one of the best series for sure. Some episodes are the best on the subject. Probably the best to cover colorse Brazil 77’