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Ukraine legislator renews plea for more military assistance ctm magazine

Ukraine MP Yevheniia Kravchuk joined CNN’s Jake Tapper to talk about what her country needs from Europe and the US for her …



  • Justin a on June 18, 2022

    I wish we could just stay out of foreign problems. Damn were not the world's babysitter. Here we are floating millions to other countries. What about our own people who are getting screwed over from high fuel and food and things?

  • Targeted Plants guy on June 18, 2022

    The should give them the ability to take the war to Russia. Long range. Give warning to Russia Ukraine will hit Moscow and level St Petersburg if Russian army does not retreat. Hell give Ukraine a nuke.

  • Emil Petrov on June 18, 2022

    Do not support Ukraine Nazis

  • Johann Ebbes on June 18, 2022

    Long-range heavy drones are much more efficient than vulnerable howitzers and could easily be mass-produced since they don't use weird and difficult-to-handle material like the 777 howitzer. There are some other cheap aircraft on market that could easily be used for military purposes in ukraine.

  • Wayne on June 18, 2022

    The greatest generation suffered and bled to defeat nazis…no sympathy for nazis..

  • arne ottosson on June 18, 2022


  • Gary Shields on June 18, 2022

    There are times, that leaders will place their Armies on Desperate Ground.
    It is us or them, but either way, absolute death is inevitable, so we must kill them all, or they will kill all of us.
    Another way of looking at this is, suppose you were in charge of your National Guard. A new revolution or race war, or border war had begun. You know that everyone wants an instant sustainable peace, but that is impossible. You also know, without it some sort of severe trauma to the national psychic, that you will be held liable for war crimes after you do the dirty work. What Do You Do to solve this??
    The only answer is shock and awe that brings great despair into everyone's minds.
    You must ignore large massacres, in some of your cities, until everyone will side with you no matter what kind of slaughters that you have to commit, to win the War. That is desperate battle ground.
    PUTIN, maybe preparing his nation, to believe that there only hope for survival, is the complete and utter destruction of all of NATO and their allies.
    In other words, he must break Nato's resolve to attack Russia from it ever happening again.
    That would require nuclear weapons to do it.

  • dachinjo1 on June 18, 2022
  • Edgar Tokman on June 18, 2022

    Teamwork is what will get Ukraine out of the mess they are in with the help of other nations. The reason for a display of teamwork is important because newly unified services will realize that in a future war coordination between branches must be far greater than ever achieved during WW2. Practice and studying the interrelationships of the forces will lead to a better understanding between the services.

  • dachinjo1 on June 18, 2022

    Russian military shooting at civilians. https://youtu.be/jPvwlJqNKMM

  • Green Tea on June 18, 2022

    Zelensky and his young MPs in kiev worshipped the West and gambled with the lives of his people

  • La Ho on June 18, 2022

    The US government said it would not change China's bandit regime, and then said it would protect Taiwan. This is a very contradictory deception. No matter what method a bandit regime uses, it wants to invade Taiwan, and the United States says it will not change the Chinese regime, and then wants to protect Taiwan. Is this trying to deceive the CCP or Taiwan?

  • Martha Cichon on June 18, 2022

    #ArmUkraineNow 🇺🇦 Putin must be stopped!

  • Robert Smith on June 19, 2022

    NO quit selling the gifts on line, and you'll have some for your defence/offence.
    Your command structure sucks,. to let even a pair of goggles go. An army of crooks advertising as warriors with the latest technologies. BS. Do you deserve??

  • Robert Smith on June 19, 2022

    Begging for assistance, while you let a few destroy your credibility.
    Damn sounds like the Biden administration begging for oil in America with Biden and his elites destroying USA credibility.

  • Romans on June 19, 2022
  • ACE torres on June 19, 2022

    You didn’t shutdown nobody you only did it. Because of our weapons

  • Clarke Bets on June 19, 2022

    The dip has made major corporations lose billions in dollars but that’s the beauty of a long term investment as it only gets better with time and if you can act like these cops and invest while you can then you’ll almost enjoy same benefits as they will when the prices go up. Trade with a professional trader for more funds safety and for risk management generally Mr John darry will be my recommended.

  • James on June 19, 2022

    At least theres no problems here lmao. How much more money are we gonna send. Maybe deal with some of our own problems 🤦‍♂️

  • JourneyMan Smitty on June 19, 2022

    Yeah I truly agree with her that Russian psychopath understands Force only but he's not man enough to attack of NATO territory🤔

  • Jon Svensson on June 19, 2022

    what hysteria. they need to grow up and show willingnes to negotiate and find peace and reconciliation. more demanding of money and weapons! who is the young socalled Ukrainian leadership that show up in the media? promote peace so that we all can move on and all these extremely wealthy ukrainians can help not only rebuild but also actually develop this nation.

  • Ragdoll B on June 19, 2022

    No more Military assistant from the US. Let other country’s help.

  • Does not matter on June 19, 2022

    CNN has the lowest ratings of any show ever, it's hilarious. Their average was less than 500,000 viewers per night lol While Fox news has 3,500,000 per night. CNN is fake news and nobody watches it bc it's horseshit.

  • James Woodard on June 19, 2022

    Ukrainian and Russia war could lead us into nuclear war

  • Heil Zelynsky on June 19, 2022

    That's not a plea. Where are her knee pads?

  • José Augusto Figueiredo on June 19, 2022

    Due to the degraded psychological state and the lack of necessary ammunition, some units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are leaving the fighting zone in the area of ​​the city of Lisichansk, in the Republic of Lugansk, said on Sunday (19) the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Russia, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.
    According to him, a platoon of the 1st company of the 1st battalion of the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade, which was in the Lisichansk area, abandoned their positions and heavy weapons.
    But the cleaning goes on, until the resumption of the Nazis placed in Ukraine by Biden and Boris Johnson!

  • K Nik on June 19, 2022

    More bombardments of Donetsk, CNN doesn’t want to show:

  • h c on June 19, 2022

    Remember iraq invaded by America and britain back in 2003?

    The Western media including CNN loudly and repeatedly lied to the public then that they had weapons of mass destruction

    Where's the sanctions against America and britain for their war of aggression based on lie of non existent weapons of mass destruction ?

  • Screw baby formula affordable energy and homeless vets , let's give a corrupt country billions more dollars 🤤🤯

  • J Law on June 19, 2022

    No! We have our own problems. Stop begging us to solve yours. Fight your own battles, who comes to our aid? Almost one million of US citizens died and we didn’t hear shit from them. I’m tired of our tax money going to bigots. Instead we should be using that money to take care of our own. We don’t have to give you shit, be grateful. It’s ridiculous. When do we get our money back? What’s in it for us. With such a strong reaction to immigration, this unyielding support for them is puzzling. It’s just because they are white. I don’t see us supporting other countries with People of Color.

  • Jason Paquette on June 19, 2022

    Quintus Fabius Maximus and the fortifications of the battle of Kursk. Scandinavia 1940.

  • Dm G on June 20, 2022

    Just curious how much Putin pays advisor Jake Sullivan for doing against Ukraine , blocking arm supplies etc

  • Fineeko Da Assailant on June 20, 2022

    We need to buy Russian oil‼️

  • Nick nyvchik on June 20, 2022

    Ukraine is like homeless man on a Conner of a city block😅

  • Alex Ventura on June 20, 2022

    Right. Russian Leadership only flourish out of butchery, deception, corruption and marauding.

  • Ced Col on June 20, 2022

    always asking for more weapons; never asking for medicines or food. pathetic

  • Alternative Headlines on June 20, 2022

    When you see a Ukrainian member of parliament on TV you don't need to ask which political party he or she is from. Ukraine is now officially a one-party authoritarian state after Zelensky banned all opposition parties and free press so he could control the US-authored war narrative.

  • Alternative Headlines on June 20, 2022

    A one-party state like Ukraine can not have legitimate "legislators".

  • P T on June 20, 2022

    Germany and france all talk no action as usual.Good job estonia, US ,latvia,poland.

  • Алексей Андреев on June 20, 2022

    Bandit, terrorist, Nazi formations of Ukraine are dealt crushing blows. The losses of the bastard since March are about 80,000 people. Meanwhile, the evil clown and Washington's puppet Zelensky has long sent his wife to a Western country and has about $ 800 million in Western banks. Zelensky steals money from aid funds sent by Western countries to support the war in Ukraine. The fascist-bandit regime in Ukraine must be destroyed in the name of peace and goodness!

  • Harold H. Pain on June 20, 2022

    ukrainian sellout.

  • Aslan Naskidaev on June 20, 2022

    True reports from ukraine by american journalist https://youtu.be/TLXR6pXrzBI

  • José Augusto Figueiredo on June 20, 2022

    The Magnanimous, grand and victorious Russian nation is always ready to face enemies in the most diverse uniforms. It was already victorious over them in WWII!
    Vienna confirms participation of Austrian mercenaries in the Ukrainian conflict!

  • José Augusto Figueiredo on June 20, 2022

    Supply crisis: Germany will test route for Ukrainian grain disposal! The German ambassador stated that the cargo will travel through Poland with the help of German railways. Excellent test! And it will be the way for all Ukrainians to go to the beach. You can enjoy the train! Until the Poles consent!

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