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Unfiltered Episode 535: Mackenzie Dern & Sabina Mazo ctm magazine

Jim and Matt look ahead to the action at UFC Fight Night: Dern vs Rodriguez. First, they’re joined by Sabina Mazo ahead of her fight against Mariya Agapova this Saturday. After she clarifies that she did not, in fact, ever walk on stilts, she discusses how her goals shifted from medical school to MMA, and what life was like in Medellin, Colombia before moving to California.

Then, Jim begs Matt to watch Squid Game on Netflix and they both make picks for UFC Fight Night: Dern vs Rodriguez.

After that, one half of the main event on this Saturday’s card, Mackenzie Dern, joins the show. She shares how head coach Jason Parillo’s coaching style allows her to showcase both her improved striking and elite BJJ, how her mentality has matured throughout her UFC tenure, and why she’s as confident as ever that she will be fighting for the UFC strawweight title soon.

Jim and Matt close the show with a recap of all the action from Tuesday’s episode of Dana White’s Contender Series.

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  • MOBremember on October 8, 2021

    this seems like a bad fight card

  • DD walker on October 8, 2021

    Go Dern!!

  • meat chip on October 8, 2021

    Dern the amerizillian

  • Thomas james on October 8, 2021

    That was a beautiful head kick

  • warcraft100688 on October 8, 2021

    I need translation for mckenzie

  • Grayson on October 8, 2021

    Let’s go Colombian Queen!

  • Chiefstryder 45 on October 9, 2021

    Derns accent is actually 100% fake. But damn she could get this work easy

  • LordKira on October 9, 2021

    with a child it seems like dern has finally focused in and matured to a professional. she clearly has zero weight issues att this point. sadly, her body and her face look aged due to the weight loss. But, I'm glad she's reaching her potentials.

  • Ted Tates on October 9, 2021

    The turd burglar is stepping in to the octagon

  • kay illa on October 9, 2021

    "I sleepy, I eaty, I trainee and repeatyyyy" – Mackenzchie Derhn

  • I N F J on October 9, 2021

    She doesn't know THE Matt "the Terra" Serra ?

  • Sam O'Hagan on October 9, 2021


  • Samoht on October 9, 2021

    She could be a young Dave Grohl's sister

  • Doryyis on October 9, 2021


  • Ömer Selim Uçar on October 9, 2021

    Mackenzie Dern so sexy and so talented 🔥

  • Derek on October 9, 2021

    in before both of them lose

  • My 3 Sons on October 9, 2021

    Turning off this is the Matt & Jim show 👎🏼

  • peace for all the world on October 9, 2021

    Dana white is a very stupid man why he can not make us enjoy mega fight between Izzy and jones . The depression jone jones living now is because of Dana .nearly 2 years without seeing jones in the octagon.

  • Emanuel on October 9, 2021

    Te amo dern haceme un hijo ❤

  • A-Kidd on October 9, 2021

    10 seconds in and I can't stand that dude's self-deprecating ass…

  • oPeppaPigg on October 9, 2021

    Mazo kinda fire tho

  • FCV19 on October 9, 2021

    Two cootahs for the ol' Chippah!

  • Mahmoud J4ff4 on October 9, 2021

    Love you ufc

  • George Coull on October 9, 2021

    I am definitely a fan of Sabina, her mentality is so strong and positive. Your mindset is a weapon in a fight and she's fearless, with the experience and proper training she could be a champion

  • Kaiden Kerecman on October 11, 2021

    The fake accent legit pisses me off😂 like seriously?

  • Kaiden Kerecman on October 11, 2021

    You know? You know? You know? I don’t know if I know anymore

  • Colton on October 11, 2021

    Do little kids watch this or what?

  • Eli St. John on October 12, 2021

    He has a 7 1/2" reach? Huh jimmy?

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