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Valentine’s Day Recipes Part Two | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

For those who are still undecided as to what special dish to cook your significant other, here are some indulgent recipes that are sure to impress.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking #Food #Recieps #ValentinesDay

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  • Sai-gam Marell on February 15, 2022

    so killing two birds in one shot eh?
    Honestly who is going to go with the boyfriend having that at home?

  • Dennis YouSoCrazy on February 15, 2022

    love watching Chef Gordan food videos

  • c_n_h_ zoe on February 15, 2022

    This is my guy 🐐 🐐 🐐

  • TobiThatIsNoice on February 15, 2022

    It’s absolutely delicious. Eating it through the screen was deliciously scrumptious and crunchy, that chocolate bread thing was very appealing to my tongue and every nerve through out my body🎩☕️

  • lister rolle on February 15, 2022

    Every dish is a like

  • Fox Wonderland on February 16, 2022

    I really enjoy the family show with Chef Gordon’s family. 🙏🇨🇦❤️🙏

  • Instant Food Fest on February 16, 2022

    Inspired by your cooking skills. Thumbs up. 👍

  • AE6EE's PAGE on February 16, 2022

    Hey Gordon Ramsay good sir. I've never seen you make a video tutorial on how to wash dishes. Can you make one? Thank you kindly good sir. 👍

  • Sarp Turan on February 16, 2022

    How bold of you to assume we have valentines Mr. Ramsay

  • erock Erock on February 16, 2022

    Time to make Gordon mad, vanilla ice cream but it has salt in it, as well as lettuce. Yes, you read it right.

  • Lamola on February 16, 2022

    Why is this in my recommended, it's not like I hate the video, it's that this reminds me on just how single I am

  • Hollie Robinson on February 16, 2022
  • Hammad uddin on February 16, 2022

    i though it was a quail :)……..lol

  • Wound Might on February 16, 2022

    This man should react to joshua weissman he's a really good cook

  • That Carnivore Professor on February 16, 2022

    Gordon Ramsey is my favorite cook. Which is why I hate that vegan teacher. I’m starting a carnivore professor channel I only got an intro up but I will release a first video sometime soon.

  • mgmt123 on February 17, 2022

    Oh my! If someone made me this for valentines I'd be impressed looks delicious

  • pollen summer on February 17, 2022

    What is Jake's favourite subject? Chocolate?

  • pollen summer on February 17, 2022

    Tilly asks so many questions… so good haha

  • Adryan N on February 17, 2022

    Gordon Ramsey to save the day!

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