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Wagyu: Japanese vs. American ctm magazine

Let’s learn what “Wagyu” means, and the differences between Japanese and American Wagyu — as well as how to spot the fake Wagyu that seems to be everywhere. Learn more on our blog – https://www.crowdcow.com/blog/whats-wagyu-the-ultimate-guide or purchase the best Wagyu from Japan and America at https://www.crowdcow.com/wagyu.



  • Chris's Fishes on November 26, 2019

    Just ordered my 2 steaks to sample from Crowd Cow…an A5 wagyu colette steak and a grass fed colette steak to compare.

  • yourfave on January 11, 2020

    Beef is beef, my stomach juices digest it the same way.

  • Mark Porter on January 11, 2020

    Thanks for helping me understand the difference.

  • John Rupesh on January 19, 2020

    Denver steaks are already well marbled, even in angus meat. Difference would be prominent if we compare ribeye steak.

  • Dan Rivers on February 8, 2020

    Great video! But is American wagyu still better then prime???

  • Ridge Slatter on February 10, 2020

    Purebred is not 100%! Fullblood is 100%

  • Ridge Slatter on February 10, 2020

    Purebred is not fullblood

  • Ridge Slatter on February 10, 2020

    You didn’t go deep enough bud…

  • John Howard on March 8, 2020

    Jim Carey officer fired marshal bill

  • Ridge Slatter on April 5, 2020

    Purebred is not 100% dna verifiable In the US.
    Fullblood wagyu in the us is dna verifiable through the American wagyu assn. as 100% traceable to japan

  • James Bael on April 9, 2020

    Native to Japan?
    May want to look up the Meiji restoration.

    And you want to be my beef salesman?

  • Brutalix on April 21, 2020

    Does the taste differ much between Wagyu Striploin and Wagyu Ribeye?

  • Gregory Sambrano on June 29, 2020

    Just ordered my first wagyu for my self from you guys I’m so excited got that a5 coming

  • Jonathan Navarro on July 18, 2020

    Its sold at my local HEB

  • Legally Blind1357 on July 22, 2020


  • Food&Life on August 9, 2020

    You have now idea want u talking about!!! Trust me.

  • Michael Gilbert on August 26, 2020

    Looking to raise wagyu where can get calves

  • Danniel menton on September 22, 2020

    Very good intell thank you

  • The Internet on November 1, 2020

    Holy fuck, chill out with the jump cuts.

  • The Keto Chief on November 7, 2020

    please do some research my friend. i am noty saying its not true but you have a 99% chance that nune of what you have is the real deal. see the us only slows for a verry small number of the real deal to come in and that is do to regulations on fda certafied beef. and thier is only one place i know of in ny i beleve it is thats aloud to import it since they pay for all the testing and regulations and everything elce required. and they clam to sell it only in thier resteront and its expensive as hell. now i have herd many things in the pasyt gew years about more comign in but its still super tight on regulations since th eus only alows beef from usda proved farms that meat the us regulations. and well japan just dose not care. japan if one of them countries int he world that sys noreht lorea is is the worst place in the world well f them we do thing even they will not do.

  • Its__Nasa on December 8, 2020

    Just bought my steak from you guys!!!!

  • Pulsating Sausage Boy on December 20, 2020

    Visually it is quite obvious the A5 is higher quality but the American Wagyu has very impressive marbling as well.

  • EVIL19 on January 2, 2021

    Hope you eventually focus on the meat and not your face, cheers mate

  • Adolf Shekelberg on February 18, 2021

    Very informative but holy edits batman lol

  • Robert Zeurunkl on February 19, 2021

    2:25 – You can no longer import Wagyu, or it's DNA. With modern tech, and Crisper, couldn't we reverse engineer this DNA from a Wagyu steak from the freezer?

  • ronaa car on April 18, 2021

    Thank you people don't know how to raise it

  • Joshua T on May 26, 2021

    Wow these meat venders should be called out for this shit claiming there A5 wagyu is the real A5 Japan wagyu when it's not 60 minutes did a vlog and went to these restaurants that claimed they have authentic Japanese wagyu and over half got busted and it wasn't Japan wagyu and was a scam and these restaurants were making a killing off these fake A5 Japan wagyu steaks and caught lying about there kobe beef was fake as well smh that's bs to take our money and lie about your beef

  • Joshua T on May 26, 2021

    And alot of people don't know that our FDA laws allow food companies to label there food with any name and can use A5 Japan wagyu and claim it's real on the package but it's bs meat and FDA allows it if it's 49 percent real so they allow companies to make cheese that's 51 percent fake and only 49 percent real and it's legally allowed smh no real reason the FDA allows this to happen smh

  • Mike Hunter on July 20, 2021

    Acted on a comment from my younger sister. “You can’t take it with you” and bought a 4.75lb Kagoshima Ribeye expected to arrive today. Thanks Joe!

  • Abner Salguero on October 17, 2021

    What do you think about SRF (snake River farms) wagyu products?

  • Aaron Harris on December 8, 2021

    Number of things wrong in this video. There are 100% waygu in the US. Purebred has some angus in it full blood doesn't. Akaushi has higher marbling than US breeds and greatly improves the quality of anything that isn't waygu. Cross breeding the black wagyu and akaushi creates an animal with high marbling and does better on grass than full blood black wagyu.

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