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Watch Joe Biden's gun violence national address ctm magazine

President Joe Biden called for raising the age to buy high capacity guns to 21, restoring the assault weapons ban and toughening ‘red flag’ laws during a national address on gun violence in the US.
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  • gerald hoefen on June 7, 2022

    Reality Check we cant have both ways Biden. 60 million murdered children threw abortion threw legal means. Basis of all life begins in conception Still people high places supreme court accept this abominashen. End crazynest guns dont kill people people kill people.Tell is to unborn because our chilfren nknow what we do to brothers an sisters are murdered thru abortion.

  • Tanya Strieff on June 7, 2022

    i would think someone would have gave joe some info about guns. as a female hunter i need and use my guns, in a legal safe way. punish criminals not grandmothers

  • Clorox bleach on June 7, 2022

    After the government armed the Taliban and after arming the Mexican drug cartel from operation fast and furious and the ATF tragedies of ruby ridge, Waco the government shouldn't have say in these type of things

  • Electro Sabotage on June 7, 2022

    What about human violence? Did he talk about that?

  • Craig Finger on June 7, 2022

    Biden gave 300.000 guns to the Taliban to include drones,helicopters,armored vehicles among other things will tell Americans about gun control?
    The face of hypocrisy

  • Fchamp Fantasy on June 7, 2022

    Justice for president jovenel moise

  • Fchamp Fantasy on June 7, 2022

    If someone accused of anything here in the USA, they asked to stepped down. Ariel Henry is involved in killing Haitian president jovenel moise, the United States government keep on supporting him. Joe Biden government is clearly against justice for president Jovenel Moise.

  • Fchamp Fantasy on June 7, 2022

    Reginald boulos, dimitri vorbe are living in the United States without any problems. Both of these killers, assassins, drug dealers are both participated in Jovenel Moise killing. Enough is enough ….. all Haitians should never vote for democrats again.

  • Some Dude on June 7, 2022

    So now that Biden’s boy has been proven to be an illegal gun owner and Biden has proved himself the glorified hypocrite my vote as a lifelong democrat is resign mr president. My vote is no confidence. The Brit’s were right to declare no more American policies till Biden is gone.

  • Simon Kellogg on June 7, 2022

    Enough is enough. Stop the violence.

  • Alfred E on June 7, 2022

    The mainstream press has been caught delivering more fake news. They have been calling President Trump’s claims of voter fraud to be “The Big Lie’ and the movie 2000 Mules to be inaccurate.

    So, how will they spin the fact that the head of a ballot harvesting cabal in Yuma County, Arizona is pleading guilty to voter fraud and conspiracy to commit voter fraud after the case was featured in 2000 Mules?

  • Balls McGonagle on June 7, 2022

    The senile old coot couldn't care less about the victims of Operation Gladio. What he cares about is disarming the general public so the goon squad and their illustrious pool of mentally ill candidates can terrorize specific targeted groups. Perhaps Mr. Magoo will hold to his promise on using nuclear weapons on the populace because they won't take bolshevik communist subversion laying down.

  • Brian Brown on June 7, 2022

    This (man) has made America look like it doesn’t matter anymore . Pathetic doesn’t even come close to describing what MOST Americans feel with this imposter pretending to be president.

  • Joe Mama on June 8, 2022

    Only his son can get away with lying on his gun application n losing his gun n joe used secret service agents to find his gun n hide it.

  • hajnika1111 on June 8, 2022

    Well stated, God speed

  • Ryans Merfy on June 8, 2022

    Today’s gas price is $6.99 in LA !

  • Achievements of Democratic Party Chairman Biden
    Turn friends into enemies and enemies into friends
    Rationing US energy under the pretext of climate and demand from producing countries to increase production
    Iran's repeated concessions
    Corona file failed
    A humiliating exit from Afghanistan and handing over tens of billions worth of weapons to the Taliban, which is classified as a terrorist movement
    Failed on the southern border with Mexico
    Hyperinflation in the United States of America
    The US President's pride as a victory investigator in importing infant formula

  • Philo McMasters on June 8, 2022

    Worst president ever! He’s gotta go!

  • imj tapcir on June 8, 2022

    It's amazing when a guy that left 300,000 guns in Afghanistan for the Taliban is lecturing gun laws in United States…

  • imj tapcir on June 8, 2022

    It's amazing when a guy that left 300,000 guns in Afghanistan for the Taliban is lecturing gun laws in United States…

  • sean orourke on June 8, 2022

    You will all be killing each other in the thousands next year, the year after and year after, nothing will change, it's all talk all the time in the US, the gun legislation is literally insane and you are incapable of addressing it. You spend your time arguing and blaming each other, the two political parties, making sound bites about who is too blame and your 2nd amendment blah blah, and yet gun crime increases. Then you go on killing each other, until your next little talk on "lets do something". Meanwhile the military industrial complex keeps on rolling, bit like all your foreign wars really. Americans are nice people individually, but your country is a joke. You don't have a democracy you have corporations that own you all. The American people wont do anything about it. You will just say "nice words" on each occasion, which is pretty much on a daily basis now.

  • t Kay on June 8, 2022

    Crowd: Do soemthing , do something!!
    Biden: I will , I will
    Biden goes on vacation, enjoys beach , eats icecream ofcourse with Jill, federal weapon project gets funded,Biden goes on talking , no action.

  • Andrew Morrison on June 8, 2022

    You're fake and false news

  • Sam Son on June 9, 2022

    Founding fathers knew there would be an administration like the Biden administration….that's why they made the 2nd amendment. It's almost time to exercise our rights against a tyrannical government.

  • Heinz Ruedi on June 9, 2022

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Kyle Belcina on June 9, 2022

    Didn't they pass a bill to protect themselves from threats in the Whitehouse the same day? Also sent money to Ukraine. How about the schools joe?

  • Jeff Pierson on June 9, 2022

    Red Flag laws are legalized SWATting!

    If you are OK with Red Flag Laws, then you are OK with no due process.

  • mac scrambles on June 9, 2022

    Let's go Brandon

  • mac scrambles on June 9, 2022

    Stand in front real reporters and answer questions coward.

  • Daniel Richter on June 9, 2022

    Watch dementia joe the puppet read from the teleprompter. He was sharp tonight, he didn’t read “end of message”. THE MOST USELESS, EMBARRASSING PRESIDENT EVER.

  • Caleb Oberhausen on June 10, 2022

    When they take and or restrict our ability to arm ourselves… it's like when a motorcycle cop gives you a seat belt ticket. It's not about safety. The second amendment and constitution is for replacing corruption and defending citizens.

  • Qtuber on June 10, 2022

    He’s such a joke.
    Sorry Not getting our guns

  • Gene Stone on June 11, 2022

    Brandon's for gum control now? Is that all kinds of gum? Sugar free? Bubblegum? Maybe he could just limit the number of sticks in the pack? What does anybody need 15 sticks of gum for anyway?

  • Major Payne on June 11, 2022

    Democrats are the reason why America is armed to the teeth… let's ask Joe about his son's drug addiction, and naked pictures of his pistol… Then let's talk about the pistol crackhead "Hunter Biden" threw into a trash can that was recoverd…

  • dmacnic on June 13, 2022

    Ahh, Potato!

  • K Simon on June 14, 2022

    It’s a brilliant plan really…. Destroy the economy so nobody can afford to buy a gun… pure genius! Really the bigger issues are with families and the National closing of Insane Asylums. The mentally disturbed are left to family members, who are incapable and unwilling to care for others. I’m fine with making it harder for people to purchase guns just… for the record.

  • Stephen Berson on June 15, 2022


  • MAGA KING on June 15, 2022

    "Buy a shotgun"
    – joe biden

    Hey joe I got a shotgun that's holds 20 rounds I can shoot 100 rounds in 2 minutes
    Let me guess you want that too?

  • Melvin Junior on June 18, 2022

    If they really want to ban something, why don't they ban all these movies that glorify senseless gun violence?! Quit listening to these politicians and their celebrity friends!!!! Celebrities get paid millions to make violent movies that glorify gun violence, and their politician friends get paid for investing money in those same movies. Celebrities make movies that glorify gun violence, then turn around and do commercials for their politician anti-gun friends talking about, “Stopping gun violence”. They'll never ban those types of violent movies because there's big money to be made. A lot of these politicians act like groupies, doing whatever they can to please their celebrity friends. A politician with the right amount of popular celebrity friends, can/will get extra votes. 1) Columbine happened during the Clinton gun ban. A mass shooting carried out by two teenagers that weren't even old enough to own a firearm. 2) An AR-15, which fires the 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington round, doesn't "pulverize" anyone. You can ask anyone who's served in the military about that. Don't fall for these peoples creative rhetoric. Politicians, the Media, and Celebrities like to use terms and words that stir emotion. We should never make decisions based off emotion. 3) People need to STOP getting their political and life advise from celebrities!!!! 4) The citizens of Australia are fighting to get their gun rights back, because of frequent home invasions and violent attacks. The criminals know the likelihood of an innocent Australian citizen having a firearm is low. 5) Realize what's happening. Politicians use tragedy to push their own agendas. Politicians use celebrities to help them push their agendas. Celebrities love attention. The very things they're trying to ban, they are protected by. Their fancy security owns these same things that they are trying to ban. Ask them this: Why is it okay for your private security or your private military to own these, but you don't want law abiding citizens to have them? Because these politicians and celebrities believe they are better/more important than the rest of us. STOP LISTENING TO THESE CELEBRITIES. Just because a celebrity played a genius in your favorite movie, doesn't make them one in real life!!!!!!! Just because some IDIOTS decide to hurt a bunch of people, doesn't mean that us (real law abiding people) are going to do the same. It's not fair to punish the many, based off the actions of the few.

  • My gun is innocent on June 19, 2022

    If these so called assault rifles are so bad, then Biden should practice what he preaches and ban his secret service agents from carrying them to guard him. Why does Biden need these military battlefield weapons guarding him? Go get a double barreled shotgun if you want self defense Biden.

  • TEAMMAURICE on June 23, 2022

    Really sad to see the gun violence & lack of public safety in the US, hope the government takes steps to protect its people.

  • Lowstone on June 23, 2022

    Why did he leave 80 million in weaponry to the Taliban if he's so concerned about gun control?

  • David Sibley on June 24, 2022

    Biden has no business attacking other independent components of government whether the Supreme Court or the GA Legislature. He is out of line. He is not a dictator. I suppose the dumb ass could appoint his own dumb ass to the supreme court and then resign the presidency. He can then bless us with his wisdom.

  • Mikro Kozm on June 25, 2022

    Who will enforce these laws? Cops are not risking their lives ANYMORE. The "cold, dead hand" warning is real. And cops are not for stricter gun control. (Duh! They ARE gun owners).
    Like I asked: Who will enforce gun control laws?"

  • imj tapcir on June 26, 2022

    Some thoughts and oddities re: TX School Shooter, for your information:
    He was an 18-year-old who lived with his grandma.
    Had a part-time job at McDonald's (8 hours a week), minimum wage.
    He dressed in expensive women's clothes.
    He dropped out of school because he was obsessed with video games.
    Had a Brand new expensive game console.
    A brand new F250 pickup “fully loaded.”
    His weapons: 2 Brand new Daniel Defense (brand) AR15/M4 rifles, with
    Military-grade Optics.
    Each rifle is between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars.
    Thousands of rounds of expensive Military grade ammunition.
    A thousand-dollar bulletproof vest.
    All from a part-time job at McDonald's…?!?!?!?
    Ford F250 Platinum $71,000.00
    Game Console $500.00
    Rifles $6000.00/$8,000.00
    Optics $1000.00
    Ammo $900.00
    Body Armor $1000.00
    TOTAL – $80,400.00
    On Minimum Wage ??!!
    Seems to me SOMEONE WAS FUNDING HIM and training him as well…
    And oh – he just happens to have known the Buffalo shooter? Seriously?!
    Someone is TRAINING these so-called "shooters" ….
    And those rifles were EXACTLY like one of the rifles from the Las Vegas
    "shooter". EXACTLY — down to the optics, AND the vertical fore-grip.
    And that particular configuration is (legally) only available to "Military
    and Law Enforcement" … the only conclusion one can arrive at is that there
    is someone TRAINING these miscreants so that our Second amendment can be
    And just before the NRA Convention, how timely…

  • BAD battleAXE on June 26, 2022

    What does the he not understand about "shall not be infringed".

  • ThachosenJuan21 on June 28, 2022

    Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving, by making it more difficult for sober people to own cars. Criminals follow no laws present or future! New York, Chicago, California has the toughest gun laws and the highest crime rates with firearms because they get them illegally and you can't stop that. 100+ million law abiding gun owners have Semi-Auto rifles sitting in their closets, so why would be change gun laws already in place for the .1-.2% of firearms in this country used for evil when the great majority use them to protect themselves, neighbors from tyrants and criminals. BTW Assault Rifles is BS terminology, Assault rifle” is a term that makes no sense for “assault” is being used as an adjective. This term was generated by the media and adopted by anti-gun senators because the word assault itself gives off a negative connotation in general.

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