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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: Jan. 27 | MSNBC ctm magazine

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  • A B on January 27, 2022

    Something about Spotify in this: Howard Stern cleared the forests with a hand axe and yielded an audience of 20 million from previously untilled soil with limited geographic distribution. Spotify is worldwide and Rogan, the young wannabe, has an audience of 11 million. We have one Clapton, one Young, and alternatives to Spotify. But it will be a cool story to follow, and nice job with this segment all around, I'd say.

  • alison mcallen on January 27, 2022


  • Julie Henderson on January 27, 2022

    Dont trust a man whose cheeks are bigger than his forehead!

  • News Troll on January 27, 2022

    Only 6 right wing radio hosts dead of covid so far. Lets go Darwin.

  • Virgil Pearson on January 27, 2022

    Coming from both sides Governor? There were no Dems involved in the events of Jan 6. Dems don't refuse to work with the otherwise just so they fail. Dems aren't trying to restrict voting access, etc, etc. Don't try and water down what the GOP is doing by saying "both sides".

  • DKLGalactus5 on January 27, 2022

    If you take there advice and someone dies in your family you should be able to sue them

  • dinosaurandnapkin on January 27, 2022

    I love Mika laughing when Joe gets checked on the existence of the book.

  • Lansana Koroma on January 27, 2022

    MSNBC no sound

  • Marilyn Newhouse on January 27, 2022

    Good for you Neil Young. Mr. Hogan, hars off to you for representing what I remember of good and decent Republicans! Thank you for showing there is a path without Donal Ttump

  • Marilyn Newhouse on January 27, 2022

    Donald Trump. There is a path positive and good without him.

  • Curt Conroy on January 27, 2022

    There is no “ both sides ugliness on the ideological spectrum”! This isn’t a “ Both sides” fueled issue. It is Maga Fueled Republican Garbage 100%

  • Jean Stewart on January 27, 2022

    I don't want to hear anyone say we are moving to far to the left.when we are having abortion banned in so many states. Joe is only taking the country to far left in the Republican minds.

  • Love Pattaya on January 27, 2022

    Go Neil….

  • randie mae on January 27, 2022

    Thanks, Mr. Young. I am buying more of Mr. Young music

  • Eddie O'Rourke on January 27, 2022

    Fcuk spot go and join the trump Republic party

  • Keith Kessler on January 27, 2022

    Closed my Spotify account after seeing this. You should, too.

  • Daniel dixon on January 27, 2022

    Spotify is going to have to be the right wing propaganda podcast outlet. Im done with spotify until they chose right over wrong.

  • A M on January 27, 2022

    That's how they do research. A 30 seconds Google search

  • Jacob Ly on January 27, 2022

    THERE IS ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO SCIENTIFIC DATA… come on lady!!!!….. people can have different view points …. and he is only siting stuff on the internet……. Joe Rogan isn't making the stuff up out of thin air….. Joe Rogan is only providing a different perspective.. and IF the science and the facts were strong enough.. it would shut Joe Rogan down……look at all the Science behind supporting the opiod drugs … years later are the facts being revealed….look at circumcision.. use of anti biotics.. it's a different perspective.. 100 years from now.. Joe Rogan might be right.. or he might be totally wrong…. instead of trying to shut Joe Rogan down.. why not go onto his show and debate him.. and present the scientific data.. don't try to cancel or get some one's livelihood removed.. how shameful!!!

  • Amber Andrews on January 27, 2022

    Neil Young has character. Rogan is a liar, a sensationalist.

  • christoph paessler on January 27, 2022

    Rogan, tucker et al, they are killing ppl. No doubt. End everybody who gives them a platform is also guilty. You could say mostly Maga lunatics will die, but, IMHO that's not the way Maga should end (sarcastic).

  • Matt Poston on January 27, 2022

    Before covid I actually enjoyed some topics on Joe Rogan's show, but with all his constant misinformation on Covid, I honestly cant stand listening to him now.

  • MAN OF EERIE LETTERS on January 27, 2022

    Joe Rogan's stupidity is of the aggressive variety.

  • Tamara Redmann on January 27, 2022

    Neil Young fighting GMO and big Pharma !! What happened to Freedom
    Seems because they think those that research are conservative not everyone who has different view is a Trumper
    Many have families that have had bad reactions and that is why these shows are helpful to them, alternative science is good. Let us choose

  • D Nyce on January 27, 2022

    Does Joe Rogan even know how too read.

  • Den Isaac on January 27, 2022

    Old man Neil. I looked at your life and I'm a lot like you are!

  • Jay Benson on January 27, 2022

    When Rogan can't admitt he's wrong. Smh

  • Arthur Ruiloba on January 27, 2022

    The sad part of this issue is that Joe Rogan may believe he is correct, however he has not the credentials to be an authority on medical matters. It is not the taking a position that is bad, it is leading your friends and followers down a path of destruction due to lack of knowledge. Sometimes you need the spokes person, sometimes you need the expert. I would never attempt to tell Joe Rogan how wrong he is about the MMA, nor would I tell him how to be funny. I just know he is out of his league and has based much of his position of faulty information and persons with questionable knowledge. Joe may just be responsible for many deaths by good intentions.

  • H Mefford on January 27, 2022

    Much respect for Mr. Young. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Nancy Mulkey on January 27, 2022

    With every book that tells us about history, pulled off shelves, the less and less we learn. History is so important.

  • Gino Lorenzo on January 27, 2022


  • Skip Peck on January 27, 2022

    We quit watching Joe Rohan when it became apparent that he is a conspiracy spreading vaccine-slandering liar. He can go pound salt. Spotify is guilty by association of spreading lies that have killed over 800,000 human beings in America.

  • Skip Peck on January 27, 2022

    Also Neil Young has always used his art and celebrity to speak up about wrong headed ideas and policies!

  • oliver green on January 27, 2022

    Glad Spotify is not backing down , for Sweden to bow down to dismantling free speech would be a bad look for their culture , good work folks.

  • Scott Oman on January 27, 2022

    now everything is reporting about the reporting of other news outlets and/or podcasts. what a horrible state of affairs.

  • 333konneko on January 27, 2022

    funny to discuss demonization and 'both sides of the aisle.' there is only one party working to disenfranchise voters, attacking our democracy at all levels, and openly espousing support for putin. the GOP has housecleaning to do until these issues have been resolved from top down. until that happens there is no legitimate 'other side' to anything.

  • MrsAlways RightForever on January 27, 2022

    Spotify is confusing miss information with free speech; free speech is when you express what you think not when you give health information without any facts or without being a medical expert who have studied and tested your data very well, your free speech should end when people who doesn’t want to or can’t afford to go to a real doctor listen and takes advice from you when you know very well you have no idea that what you are spreading is not true that is not free speech because if that was free speech then Jim jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, Adolph hitler among other weird and dangerous characters through history would be considered people who only expressed their free speech; when people are dying because of the “information” you are spreading that is not free speech at all.

  • Mark Harris on January 27, 2022

    HEY !! NO little man in the corner !!!!

  • Daffy Duck on January 27, 2022

    Can't the families of deceased people sue Spotify and Joe Rogan for cauing that persons death

  • matthew pingor on January 27, 2022

    Spotify is guilty for airing Joe Rogan's disinformation. I know what money is and what a brand…they are guilty. Money doesn't mean: "me can't be held ablahblahblah because i makey money moneys". No punk cop outs any more. Be responsible or pay. There is no Nuremberg defense catch all moral. If you lie you must endure some legally dispensed burden financially at least.

  • Peter Schlegel on January 27, 2022

    Joe Rogan sounds like a real ignoramus, how does he have such a huge auiance.

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