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  • coffeekittie on September 10, 2022

    Putin's trolls are out and loud here.

  • Alpheus Woodley on September 10, 2022

    The Queen killed Princess Diana. Assassination, not accident.

  • Tom Lakosh on September 10, 2022

    The trump team cannot claim either executive privilege or that he declassified the stolen docs marked classified because those are acts that only a sitting president has authority to claim, 44 USC § 2204, 32 USC § 2001. There’s no record of either act being applied to the seized docs during his administration and only Biden has had the authority since 12 PM on 1/20/21.

  • col mcbrat on September 11, 2022

    turd out

  • Michael Barnes on September 11, 2022

    Indict! Indict! Indict!

  • Kim Hoffmann Andersen on September 11, 2022

    Enough with the queen.. She was a disgrace and an embarrassment to democracy. She got a 96 year run but enough is enough. "The world is mourning" No! We are NOT!

  • Angela Armstrong on September 11, 2022

    Charles…. Give ME Back OUR Stuff…yes…. DIAMONDs YouR Great great daddy Stole….NO He is NOT A KinG…

  • peter burandt on September 11, 2022

    Oh, what a monumental waste of time and space!!!

  • Linda Watkins on September 11, 2022

    At this point just lock him up for anyone of his crimes! “Lock him up”

  • Jim D on September 11, 2022

    Trump at the Queen's funeral would be a bigly mistake. He would make it all about him. The Queen despised him..

  • ABXY Reviews on September 11, 2022

    If you’re not taking about what garbage monarchs are, then don’t waste time talking about monarchs

  • Justice for us on September 11, 2022

    Think about this: If one looks at a list of the biggest criminals in the Nazi party, you can definitely easily come up with a cast of characters from todays MAGA leadership who could easily play those character roles in a 4th Reich movie: Hitler, Mengele, Goebbels, Bormann, Donitz or Goring, Eichmann, Esser, Dietrich, Auerswald, Axmann, Freisler, Frank…I mean it’s uncanny how easy it would be to cast a screenplay from Trumps Party.

  • Melissa Griffith on September 11, 2022

    God save the king 👑 the US supports you.

  • Emsley Wyatt on September 11, 2022

    It's one thing to fool around on your wife, another to do so with a total lack of discretion. No wonder Charles is disliked.

  • Intercat on September 11, 2022

    Excuse the interruption of the Disney Princess Girls' Group, but the girl who ruined numerous young men's careers and who was picked for an arranged marriage because she was a virgin at 19 was not universally adored. She had big blue eyes, and she was lousy at being a grownup. Please stop that.

  • Billy Hates Corruption on September 11, 2022

    This is the problem with Affirmative Action. This diversity hire is a Moron and she is an embarrassment to Blacks everywhere.

  • TheCilla54 on September 11, 2022

    So Frump I believe I seen a picture them of she was there for frump find I think I will see if I can that picture.

  • Kennedyrose on September 11, 2022

    I love that, babydoll.. "Russia, Russia, Russia"..u crack me up…i gotchya! 😉

  • Deborah Zenquis on September 11, 2022

    True love, put the pass behind you and move forward. 🥰communication is key.

  • Made Sccam on September 12, 2022

    In my opinion the judge deliberately avoid/ignored all facts and question in her ruling. He is Ex president. His claim of executive privilege had not merit since Biden said no. He had or /and still has documents of different classifications in his Hotel or other locations putting in risk national security. Did he took the documents without permission? Did he covered the fact he took the documents? The documents were requested with a subpoena, he did not returned, and he lied about having more classified documents. The documents don't belong to him so he is not entitle to even consider a special master, since hasn't mentioned in any of his filing declassification or ownership. They look like to me like a drug addict looking to have a last look to the document. They forgot to make copies so they want to have control over documents again. The government need to investigate who was custodian of every document and to discover why they fail to guard the classified documents appropriately or denounce it if someone was impeding do their job. The ruling doesn't make sense legally unless the judge is trying not to be subject to the ex president's followers wrath, or something worse. she was chosen because she was going to grant anything the ex president ask, giving the appearance of a kind of Quit Pro Quo to pay her appointment or for future higher position later on. With her poor and not supported ruling she is obstructing justice. Moreover, she is putting our National Security at risk. If all her ruling are like this all the past cases need to be reviewed. What if every case in her courtroom now request a special master she has to grant it.

  • elizabeth sav on September 12, 2022

    Tht was gud reporting 👏

  • Kenneth Adams on September 12, 2022

    They could improve their fairly tale by replacing the monarch at age 50

  • Kenneth Adams on September 12, 2022

    What a boring game of thrones. I was waiting for some lord to raise his sword and say “ I proclaim my fealty to Harry the Redhead”

  • Damon Finken on September 12, 2022

    I don't care about the monarch fascism of Britain. We need to focus on the Faciast of the US. Throw Trump in jail.

  • Damon Finken on September 12, 2022

    If Trump declassified these documents… THAT HE DIDN'T OWN… then why is a special master even relevant as an argument for the defense? I mean… if he wants them declassified, then he is releasing it to the public. Of course they can't be public. But according to his defense, he has nothing to say. He already gave permission.

  • allen Evans on September 12, 2022

    It’s funny how I haven’t seen anyone who is not of European decent have anything nice to say about the former queen or royal family.

    It’s kinda like here in America, only white folks don’t see how they’ve benefited from slavery and Jim Crow….

  • hannibal884 on September 12, 2022

    How come Teflon Don is still not in prison?

  • Joe Earley on September 12, 2022

    Trump committed crimes but he gets to pick his appointed judge and the jury too and the tax payer has to pay for all of it even his defense. This is the way they do these trials in Russia right out of the Putin playbook.

  • Thomas Sullivan on September 12, 2022

    Department of there way of justice 🤣 this guy is asking why can't they just finish what there started. YEAH RIGHT , this is what they do to throw the American People off with nothing but distraction . What does it tell you when they talk nothing but about a fkn "Crime- Clown that was put in Office and did nothing but fkn crime doing his time in office with his little cancer pollen thugs and people that buy and pay there way into office in DC 🤣trust an believe YO fkn vote ain't got sht to do with nothing in office sitting inside of DC 🤣🤣🤣 not a dam thing. Just as this "Individual One" the Only people that put his deadly azz in office WAS THOSE FK'Rs in DC an what your seeing is them swimming in there own sht . I be glade when a complete war snaps inside the United States so everything and everybody can vent the centuries of abuse that these people do to a country of people … A complete snap is what the country needs . It's way past due .

  • Kevin Hoffman on September 12, 2022

    Lock the traitors up exspecialy their fearless leader captain bone spurs aka Putin's agent orange !

  • C10wiremantaw Wallace on September 12, 2022

    The first amendment is only for the Mainstream media.
    The 2nd amendment is only for the wealthy upper class & politicians.
    The Fascist calling Patriots the biggest threat to America is the pot calling the kettle black!
    Socialism is the same as Communism.
    Putting the name Democratic before Socialism doesn't change socialism or communism at all.

  • Gone Jegory on September 12, 2022

    400,000 children in the UK are having to eat food donated to foodbanks such in the poverty, such is the disgracefull gap between the rich and the poor. When will any Monarch do ANYTHING about that??????

  • Ellen Benson on September 13, 2022

    What seems so strange about Charles is that he seems just as old as the Queen – older in a way. Maybe his mistakes have made him more liberal. I did like how inclusive he conveyed wanting to be – both w/ family and in the world as a leader.

  • Kevin Freese on September 14, 2022

    2026 – $66,67
    2020 – $71,186

    2020 – $71,186
    2021 – $70,784

  • Brent Shober on September 17, 2022

    you guys all get lessons from the same speaking coach? I feel like Im watching Rachel Maddcow