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"We will be resisting until the very end." – Ukrainian Commander on battle at Azovstal steel plant ctm magazine

Ukrainian Commander Denis Shlega talks to CNN’s ErinBurnett from Mariupol, where he, other soldiers and civilians remain under siege by Russians at the Azovstal steel plant.

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  • Pierre Sola on May 13, 2022

    cnn medialie . lie , lie , lie

  • Mar Pro on May 13, 2022

    What is happening at Azovstal in Mariupol is unacceptable.
    So, the world is going to do nothing to help.  It will just sit and watch these heroes literally starve and rot to death along with those who are already passed and rotting.  Just like the world knowingly did when Stalin was starving and murdering 10 million Ukrainian civilians in the last century.  How special.  How superior the world thinks it is.  How it claims to adhere to Geneva Conventions and uphold all human rights. 
    All hypocrites. ALL LYING HYPOCRITES!  The whole bloody lot of you.  Walk your talk.  WALK YOUR TALK!  Immediately extract/evacuate all civilians AND SOLDIERS  from Azovstal in Mariupol, including the deceased.  The people trapped down there deserve at least that. Walk your talk.
    Israel. Entebbe. Now.

  • Jax Wilson on May 13, 2022

    U do k no that this might cause some horrible things. Soo dont say things like U.S. told them so

  • Last Resort on May 14, 2022

    Ukraine soldiers inside the Azovstal Steel Factory are among the most Courageous, brave and are true patriotic Ukrainian people. They are keeping the Russian Soldiers from entering the Azovstal Steel Factory. Ukrainian soldiers seems to be well trained and had a better strategies and plans to attack the Russian Soldiers.

  • Collins O'Connor on May 14, 2022

    From headlines such as 'Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Problem' in 2019/2020/2021 to 'Putin's false Nazi claims' and 'Save Azov' in 2022. Wow! NATO media on Ukraine's Nazis, before and after February 2022 never ceases to amaze me. Do they seriously think no-one notices?

  • I G on May 15, 2022

    С какого такого хера , Путин должен выполнять свои обещания перед нацистами, прикрывающими мирными людьми, не дающими мирным покинуть территорию завода

  • Robert Clark on May 15, 2022

    They are surrounded Russians not planing to enter, it's a ploy waiting to ambush.

  • Robert Clark on May 15, 2022

    Use operations death 💀

  • Robert Clark on May 15, 2022

    Opportunity in South North, bring troops, huddle around mariupol and wait ✋ 👍 😎

  • Jozef Mak on May 15, 2022

    You re fighting so bravely from in front of the camera 😅 oh and by accident it appeared on corporate CNN ahahaha

  • Rabid Phoenix on May 15, 2022

    Stop whining on video and fight. Put your cell phone down and grab a weapon. The end for the Nazi's are close and the world will forget them.

  • James Bond on May 16, 2022

    America and all your corrupt news media channels like CNN, Fox News you should all hang your heads in shame. Supporting the Nazi Azov Battalion. Shame, shame, shame 🤨👎

  • hannegem on May 16, 2022

    FNN please don’t tell the truth: …suckers have surrendered!

  • hannegem on May 16, 2022

    FNN put on a black armband. FYI: …suckers have surrendered.

  • LW1zFog on May 17, 2022

    Nazi clean up at ‘Pit404’.

  • E on May 17, 2022

    AHHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, You can't resist a firing squad. So much for a heroic last stand.

  • This aged like raw milk😂

  • SCPython on May 21, 2022

    Hitler and Swastika tattoos seen on Ukrainian "Azov" who surrendered in Mariupol.
    See it for yourself at timestamp at 0:34 0:56. What type of people tattoo large Hitler's image on their body and what does it say about their belief? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQIk4S9s_w0

  • David Ricketts on May 21, 2022

    You Nazi’s got your dicks kicked in. Some say evacuated; I say surrender. Our political swine are enjoying the money laundering; keep sending an actor playing president money you idiots. 😂

  • Cosmin Avram on May 22, 2022

    this aged very bad

  • Mikael S600 on May 22, 2022

    Lie detector results reveal thia was a lie!
    Mighty funny of CNN to openly interview NAZIs then but won't interview the people of Mariupol who where in those bunkers held as human sheilds! They would tell the world the truth about these Azov battalion Nazis and the crimes they committed against ethnic Russian or pro Russian civilians for the last 8 years!

  • Dard 22 on May 23, 2022

    So, uh… about the "never surrender" thing… how to put this lightly? Well, as Russians says:"Hitler kaput".

  • сергей макаров on May 24, 2022

    Ukrainian Nazi surrender Azov. https://youtu.be/w1qN4ojxtOM

  • Mr Research TV on May 24, 2022

    is azov a klu klux org in 2014 2018 before invasion why were they klling non ukr people ? answer that

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