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webfi- Building Hyperloop One’s futuristic transportation system

Hyperloop One is engineering a futuristic transportation system. The high speed tube-system is proposing to shoot humans from point A to B at 750 miles-per-hour. Now the startup is constructing the full system: vacuum tube, sled, and electromagnetic propulsion. Co-founder (and ex-SpaceX engineer) Josh Giegel gave us a tour of the new technology Hyperloop One is building at their headquarters.

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  • TJ Boggs on August 23, 2016

    Really cool stuff

  • Fatty Acid on August 23, 2016

    This guy sucks at explaining shit

  • Droskee650 on August 23, 2016

    When can i take a ride?… "Looks down to his crotch" lol!!

  • Skyturnip on August 23, 2016

    Wonder if Thunderf00t is right about Hyperloop and its infeasibility. I hope not as it's such a cool concept.

  • William on August 23, 2016


  • Silvio Šarunić on November 10, 2016

    stupid and dangerous idea!!! real danger for transport…… people first learn about vacuum tubes and what small crack on tube can do to hyperloop ….. hit: air presure of 1 atm….. speed of sound of 100kg of air sucken in tube ….etc

  • Abhishek Soni on April 7, 2017

    I want to ask something .. when capsule move to one station to other station in case the capsule break down between two point then how to solve these problem ?

Since 2009- Live News and Entertainment

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