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‘We’re Closing In On The Target’: Raskin On Jan. 6 Panel Calling On Ivanka Trump ctm magazine

“We’re closing in on the target, Chris,” says Rep. Jamie Raskin, discussing the Jan. 6 committee asking Ivanka Trump to testify. “She could really perhaps complete the portrait of what happened on January 6.” 
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  • Dr Geoff Angel on January 21, 2022

    What do you get when your country elects a criminally insane, lying, cheating, failed businessman as your President? A failed coup! that's what! You gotta hand it to Trump, this guy is a one man destruction machine! No other foreign country could ever harm, or even dare to try to harm the USA , like Trump has, unfortunately, very successfully done. Its probably Trumps greatest success, the utter ruination and corruption of the USA. Trump united the crazies, the braindead to become his own personal army! As I have said before, If traitor Trump is not punished for the crime of treason, and sent to jail for the rest of his useless life, then America will indeed suffer extreme consequences , when the next, and more canny, would be GOP tyrant, becomes President, and ends American democracy or ever.

  • Chief Jay Binns on January 21, 2022

    Soooooo are we just gonna not take about him having a terrorist in the white House for a meeting December 21–just weeks before 1/6???

  • Old Lady Baby Prunes on January 21, 2022

    So sad the way trump used his kids as pawns in his crimes. I bet Ivanka is hating him for it.

  • THOMAS MILLER on January 21, 2022

    So, it was a hostage situation where the VP was the hostage.
    It would be interesting to know how many politicians are being held hostage right now in the Republican party.

  • Russell Sama on January 21, 2022

    Can't what to see Orange turn Purple.[ HANG THE TRAITOR}

  • Sukhbir Sekhon on January 21, 2022

    Don't get excited. She'll just plead the 5th as they all will. Until these hearings become public no one will even know what is coming out of this committee.

  • Greg Orchard on January 21, 2022

    How embarrassing for Earache and Little Donkey that no-one believed they could influence the Mobster Lobster……

  • Angela Baiers on January 21, 2022

    Ashli Babbit was the only unarmed person murdered by unnecessary violence Jan 6 at Capitol wrapped in American Flag. No arrest of the abuse of deadly power by that guy. Dems challenged 2016 results. President Trump didn’t call for any violence or riot.

  • ruth depew on January 21, 2022

    The question is this. Is Ivanka Trump smart enough to take this opportunity to present a more positive perspective on the items outlined in the committee's letter to her?

  • Stephen Grange on January 21, 2022

    Having prior knowledge and trying to drive a wedge between Ivanka and TFG could be interesting.

  • Reasons Reasons on January 21, 2022

    If Sean Hannity wants to play a president in real life, he should run for president. Hopefully he would loose. Otherwise, he should stick to doing his job at Fox and stay out of trying to run the country.

  • jose dipadua on January 21, 2022

    Excuse me biden violated our Constitutional Rights Freedom and Liberty’s will prevail against these corrupt politicians behaviors 🗽

  • jose dipadua on January 21, 2022

    We are Free Nation 🗽

  • Nicki Snyder on January 21, 2022

    This is why family had no business being in that WH. How is she going to be honest with the committee after spending a lifetime as part of 2 crime families?

  • azarisLP on January 21, 2022

    Isn't there a legal principle that daughter-wifes don't have to testify against their husbands?

  • Loren L on January 21, 2022

    TRUMP just cannot help himself from "digging himself into a deeper H*LE"!!!! A$$ H*T!!! L7

  • CuriousK on January 21, 2022

    Trump was out of control for the 4 years he was in the White House.

  • Jon Stark on January 21, 2022

    How is what Sean Hannity did playing political clean up any different then what Chris Cuomo did for his brother? Sean should ALSO be removed from the air.🤦🏼‍♂️😡

  • jose dipadua on January 21, 2022

    Impeached Biden for his lawless actions against American People’s 🗽 We the People’s demand Justices and Freedom will prevail over these corrupt admin 🗽

  • Richard Cory on January 21, 2022

    The impression one gets is that the whole investigatory and judicial process surrounding 6th January is just so laborious that it cannot achieve its own objectives. Everyone saw what happened on TV and everyone knows who was responsible. We already know that the GOP will bury it if they win the mid-terms and I don't see the committee completing its work in time. Moreover there appears to be no move from the DoJ to do anything at all. Maybe the government, like the GOP, like Fox, just hopes everyone will forget about it and move on, so that the next coup can proceed without the obvious complications that the 6th January coup encountered.

  • bndkllr2 on January 21, 2022

    Trump Cultists hate everything ABOUT America.

  • Allosaurus Fragilis on January 21, 2022

    I think they can forget all this "we would like to know "stuff…that's not going to do anything.
    I wonder if the trumps will be indicted . Tax fraud seems most likely

  • Stukaman on January 21, 2022

    This is called, "projection," where the criminals charge their opponents of committing the very crimes they did. It comes right out of the "Rules for Radicals" playbook by Saul Alinsky. If Raskin REALLY had dirt on anyone, it would have come out a long time ago. The January 6 panel is a smokescreen for the real crime that was committed on November 3, 2020, when Democrats rigged and stole the election and overthrew a duly elected President of the United States. More and more states are recognizing their vote totals are uncertifiable. Raskin thinks his committee is going to find evidence that would preclude Donald Trump and any of his Congressional supporters from running for office based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, when in fact, the evidence has already been collected, organized and will be presented to show that not only is Raskin's political party complicit in the ballot harvesting and fraudulent returns, but instrumental in removing the security detail and staging the so-called "insurrection" on Capitol Hill by bringing in ANTIFA and BLM pukes dressed as MAGA supporters. When these clowns use words like "could," as in saying Ivanka Trump "could complete the portrait" they want to portray, you know they have bupkiss.

  • Bartibogue Sunset on January 21, 2022


  • Natalie Wilson on January 21, 2022

    Ivanka might try to marry her dad to get out of testifying

  • Wah wah wah seems like there’s karma attached to things like stealing millions from charities and having your handbags made in Chinese concentration camps. Poor widdle petal! Boo hoo!

  • abz1248 on January 21, 2022

    You already found numerous smoking guns. How many more are needed to convict this SOB?

  • Dee Leach on January 21, 2022

    Good lord, I’m so weary of this never ending mess, we’ll be living this nightmare for years, until Trump passed away in his sleep 😴😡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Dizzy Duke on January 21, 2022

    Trump's daughter lover gotta testify against him. This is grand!

  • Happy Retired on January 21, 2022

    Ivanka will throw DJT to the dogs to save herself. Remember she has 100M in the World Bank.

  • Jay Whoo on January 21, 2022

    I forgot ivanka was “top whitehouse counsel”. Thats hilarious!
    It really meant she was “the daddy whisperer”

  • Getting Smart on January 21, 2022

    I plead the fifth amendment…

  • Tige DeCoster on January 21, 2022

    Oh, please! Please show me those outtakes of his video address to the rioters. PLEASE.

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