• @johno30197 on April 10, 2024

    Whale's wail to get mate's

  • @FreeDocumentaryNature on April 10, 2024

    If you want to know more about the infinitesimally large, you need to study the infinitesimally small. That is what Laurent Soulier, a parasitologist specialized in marine mammals, believes. He probably can save entire populations of humpback whales by analyzing their lice.
    But firstly he needs to collect them from living cetaceans.
    This is a very dangerous mission. A whale weighs 40 tons.
    Even though they are not aggressive, these animals are unpredictable. The pressure exercised by their fluke can knock out a diver, without even touching him! Laurent will also have to figure out a way to take such tiny parasites from their skin. With the help of a local fisherman and an underwater field expert, will Laurent succeed in his quest?
    From his lab in France to the waters of New Caledonia, Laurent takes us on an exceptional adventure that could save the last humpbacks.

  • @hilltopgirl2665 on April 10, 2024

    Whale kooties? Yick!

  • @jessicaarnold5108 on April 10, 2024

    Wonderful knowledge! Hard work to save the hump back Whales. So many different families and we must save them all.

  • @rustygold598 on April 10, 2024

    Loved this!! It was delightful to watch. The playful humor was such an added touch. So glad you approached it this way. Thanks so much!

  • @babakgholian3467 on April 10, 2024

    If the humans let them survive !!!!

  • @I.pray.to.George.Carlin on April 10, 2024

    Awww I adore whales. Tysm for this!!!!! πŸ’œ

  • @user-fv5ck7ll6b on April 10, 2024

    πŸ™„πŸ˜± simply astounding πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺ

  • @stevenearlsmith2595 on April 11, 2024

    3:33 "to mate & give birth"… That sounds like zero day gestation!

  • @JlunaGclay on April 11, 2024

    Each roar and snarl in this animal fight echoes the primal essence of the wilderness.

  • @GrandDukeMushroom on April 11, 2024

    hmm the eerie background piano is nice what is it

  • @marshapieroni6677 on April 11, 2024

    Thank you! Awesome, and so interesting. Cannot imagine being next to that giant wonder!

  • @billotto602 on April 13, 2024

    I don't buy this envirowhacko BS.