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What Sewage Can Tell Us About Covid, Monkeypox and Polio Virus Outbreaks | WSJ webfi network

The Covid-19 pandemic renewed interest in the practice of testing sewage to track outbreaks of disease, including polio, which was declared a disaster emergency in New York. WSJ visited a Bay Area wastewater facility to find out how testing works and what it can tell us about public health.

Photo illustration: Ryan Trefes

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  • Home Wall on September 16, 2022

    We are told that viruses are easily destroyed by water and soap. How is it that all this can be mixed up and we still get viruses that aren't destroyed?

  • Midnight Sky on September 16, 2022

    Finally it's here……………

  • Aaron Oneal on September 16, 2022

    The Wallstreet Jornal needs to talk about Ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees

  • MiaKiAlchemy on September 16, 2022

    Another globalist scheme – hey, how about we do something actually helpful, like desalination plants? WSJ has become worthless.

  • Knute Eriksen on September 16, 2022

    How many years of college do you need to get this job?

  • Bob Bobby on September 16, 2022

    Absolutely nothing since you're using non diagnostic PCR testing

  • J K on September 16, 2022

    That Covid-19 is a scamdemic.

  • Ey Ausoj on September 17, 2022

    👨‍🔬(💩+🧬) –> 🧬🧬🧬🧬🧬

  • Sewage?`The clown show must go on I guess.

  • al-Aqsa Nadira on September 17, 2022

    scraping the bottom of the barrel for justification, huh🙄

  • squeeze bag on September 17, 2022

    Fake emergencies forever 🤡

  • CoasterMan13 on September 17, 2022

    what are they gonna find in shitwater? I'm just joking around. I'm sure they'll find some interesting stuff about COVID in there.

  • Cartrivision1 on September 17, 2022

    I had 10 male lovers last week. What are my chances of getting Rumpypox?

  • Itsa Me on September 17, 2022

    Covid kills by suffocation this is why George Floyd was a psyop "I can't breath" they showed him in a picture standing beside a Corona beer sign, coincidence? No, there are no coincidences in this life. Covid makes the lungs fill up it affects pre existing health problems and makes them 10 times worse. If you are a smoker it will intensify it 10 fold and much quicker.

  • Christian Bruce on September 17, 2022

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  • Julia D on September 17, 2022

    Zero percent outbreaks 100% planned man made viruses distributed to people purposely by psychopaths who can’t leave nature alone.
    From a person currently still suffering badly from Covid given to me on a swab purposely, targeted individual.

  • Randy Jones on September 17, 2022

    My friends still haven't got the first vaccine yet after two years

  • Randy Jones on September 17, 2022

    John Knapenberger in Cullman Alabama love's getting the vaccine he thought it was the answer to stopping covid

  • Randy Jones on September 17, 2022

    Ed Bonds isn't scared of covid 19, monkey pox polio

  • Randy Jones on September 17, 2022

    My friends never test

  • Randy Jones on September 17, 2022

    Instead of testing water keep testing humans

  • Randy Jones on September 17, 2022

    Covid doesn't stop my restaurants

  • Randy Jones on September 17, 2022

    The employees in my Walmart never wear masks anymore

  • Randy Jones on September 17, 2022

    My boss still doesn't understand what covid is after three years

  • Aurobindo Ghosh on September 17, 2022

    wsj, process waste to produce gas, metals, and minerals sometimes instead of making virus all the times

  • Teenah Weenah on September 17, 2022

    Scientist have been using feces to create vaccines for decades. The polio vaccine is created using animal stools, and fed to humans. This needs to stop. Scientist are causing sickness and diseases using feces of animals and humans.

  • Marc Dufresne on September 17, 2022

    Sars is made in Bio level 4 labs; Sars Cov 2 is the second version; enhanced bio weapon .. not to be found in waste water or sewage. Don't waste our time please

  • xx 8868oo on September 17, 2022

    Sept 15, Lancet Report Claiming COVID Could Have Come From U.S. Lab Met With Uproar
    A top medical journal at the heart of several pandemic-related controversies published a major COVID-19 Commission report Wednesday that concluded the deadly pathogen might possibly have leaked from a United States laboratory.

    The eyebrow-raising suggestion—which was just a part of a 58-page analysis of the COVID pandemic and its origins—in The Lancet stated that it was “feasible” that the SARS-CoV-2 virus emerged either as a natural spillover event or as a leak from a lab. While the report mentions facilities in Wuhan, China, it also says that “independent researchers have not yet investigated” U.S. laboratories, adding that the National Institutes of Health has “resisted disclosing details” of its research on SARS-CoV-related viruses…

  • The Savage Wombat on September 18, 2022

    Dey took ma poo. Who gives dem da right ta do dis?

  • Navid Naeeni on September 18, 2022

    Lol 😆 🤣 covid 19 will never go away world 🌎 🤣 world made me suffer I will make the world 🌎 😄 🤣 suffer tehahaha

  • Vivienne Koo on September 18, 2022

    Wait, wait, wait, what happened to the bat 🦇 soup 🍵 in Wuhan?

  • F P on September 18, 2022

    Really, WSJ, a picture of a TOILET? Give your readers better credit than this.

  • Abnorm on September 18, 2022

    Tap water test positive , so your nonsense doesn't say much does it .

  • Mian N on September 18, 2022

    1:15 should be called