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Where Are They Now? – Mark Coleman | UFC FIGHT PASS ctm magazine

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman turned his Olympic wrestling skills into MMA success, becoming the first UFC heavyweight champion and PRIDE Grand Prix champion. Known as ‘the godfather of ground & pound,’ the legendary Coleman now works to repair the strained relationship with his older daughters as he relishes a new title: Stay-at-home dad.

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  • Michael Gim on March 25, 2022

    It is up to you Sir Lee Jung

  • Michael Gim on March 25, 2022

    Or Jung Sir.

  • Michael Gim on March 25, 2022

    Lee Bu Jin Yes

  • Michael Gim on March 25, 2022

    She kept stealing my Idea Hyundai MBC 문화센터 임요환 이민정 배우님

  • Michael Gim on March 25, 2022

    They are sneaky snake

  • Michael Gim on March 25, 2022

    That is true.

  • Michael Gim on March 25, 2022

    Bullshit intellege dentist Hoon Kim gangster Disgused under church or whatever religion you beleive in 개신교 JYP

  • Aurel Petrisor Bicu on March 26, 2022

    True legend

  • IMDOC78 on April 6, 2022

    Maurice Smith was a beast. I remember when he beat the brazilian hulk.

  • Chase Creange on April 10, 2022

    A great father is manliest tired of man that there is. So refreshing to hear; and see, how’s much love Mark had for his children. Yes. We fathers mess up, but you go back and become a better father afterwards.
    Tell you what Mark. After you die, do you think your daughters are going to remember you got the fighter you were… even as great as you were? No. They’re going to remember you for being a loving father. And that’s all that matters.

  • William Jakimow on April 10, 2022

    Wow!! Ultimate Respect !!

  • Jason Lee on April 10, 2022

    He now looks like Robert De Niro
    Much respect to Mark Coleman!

  • Khlotho Stonney on April 16, 2022

    such a heavy weight, power fighter that, keeps producing daughters! wow

  • BLINKY BILL on April 21, 2022

    Great family,

  • Daily Vibes 🕊️ on April 24, 2022

    The Legend The Only One who smashed Don Frye….🙏🙏🙏

  • ollie77 x on April 25, 2022

    its the american wanderei silva

  • ollie77 x on April 25, 2022

    the steroids on that guy is disgusting

  • BLOOD SWEAT AND BEERS on April 28, 2022

    I'm 47 and grateful I can say I followed his entire career

  • Tiger Jay on April 28, 2022

    True Pioneer True Warrior ones of my favorite fighters of all time

  • wheelmanstan on April 28, 2022

    man I'm glad he's alright, the men of the early days sacrificed so much for the sport, even the guys that fought one fight and didn't return, they deserve a lot, these hall of famers deserve a free seat at every event and free use of whatever UFC facility they enter along with any other perks

  • Koz on April 28, 2022

    Man im no russia fan, but got to give fedor some love for helping calm his daughters down. I definitely didnt agree with bringing kids to a fight but glad they were able to calm. Crazy stories, hard to believe people live to get smoked daily and keeo coming back to fight

  • CHECK M8 on April 30, 2022

    Coleman looking like Mike from Breaking Bad

  • Chris Cash on April 30, 2022


  • Ken Boone on April 30, 2022

    great guy- we love you mark!!!

  • JKD MERIT MASTER GROUP on May 2, 2022

    Mark was (at that time) the baddest MF the planet ever seen at that point.”

  • JKD MERIT MASTER GROUP on May 2, 2022

    He beat 3 guys that night..🤟legend

  • JKD MERIT MASTER GROUP on May 2, 2022

    5:36 he was trying to take your eyes out! Yikes!!

  • JKD MERIT MASTER GROUP on May 2, 2022

    12:41 those girls love him I can tell how cool he is.. 🤘🏻

  • Colin Shackley on May 2, 2022

    what was julian sanchez martial art?

  • Chris Coop on May 2, 2022

    What a solid, class act dude!

  • R dn on May 7, 2022

    What a fucking legend man.

  • Daniel Negron on May 12, 2022

    Mark Colman will always be my favorite fighter ever Even today .

  • Frikkie Marx on May 17, 2022


  • Felix May on May 19, 2022

    His daughters saying that is what every man should strive and be happy to hear.

  • Andy Mullarx on May 23, 2022

    The Rogan toss was superb.

  • Doug Gauzy on May 24, 2022

    Captain Steroid !

  • Steve on May 26, 2022

    Mark living that good life, big respect and well deserved

  • Thomas S. on May 29, 2022

    What a beast in the ring and straight up sweet guy outside of it. Hope he's doing well.

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