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Why Bats Aren’t as Scary as You Think | Nat Geo Explores ctm magazine

When we think of bats, an unfavorable image often comes to mind. Whether it’s the scary portrayal of them in vampire films and literature or a general fear of how their real-life counterparts might transmit viruses, bats have gotten a bad rap that’s actually more fiction than fact. Take a look at how many common bat misconceptions came about and just how vital bats are to our everyday lives.
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Why Bats Aren’t as Scary as You Think | Nat Geo Explores

National Geographic



  • Rohanrajan Vadivelraj on June 10, 2020

    I sleep under the same roof with a couple of bats…!

  • Abdallah Ezzat mohammed on June 10, 2020

    Arabic translation please

  • wdwerker on June 10, 2020

    Megabattie is a channel that shows rescue and rehabilitation of bats. Charming Australian lady !

  • ShadowQueen on June 10, 2020

    Fats about bats: 1. They ain't food.

  • ASHISH PRAJAPATI on June 11, 2020

    Bats are good for eating but thay may give us some denarius virus.
    It is good insecticide for our former.
    I must say about bats "thay are good for nature but thay have some side effect for human" And after full study about bats than we have a new conclusion along with the losses from bats, there are many benefits as well and The bats need to be protected because many species of bats are on the verge of extinction.

  • Tanmay Gupta on June 11, 2020

    This vid is more about dracula

  • Sonal Dubey on June 11, 2020

    This uncle is just so cool… 👍

  • Tomoko's Enterprize on June 12, 2020

    Fantastic !

  • Anuradha Inamdar on June 13, 2020

    It's true bats have got a bad name ,all because of humans.

  • UGS on June 15, 2020

    I did try telling good things about bats in the past, but people who hate bats don't want to hear good things about them.

  • Vivien Reichardt on June 15, 2020

    Now consider the most dangerous animal that certainly causes devastation no matter who/where you are: everybody search for a mirror.
    Instead of fearing nature; we must try and understand the need for each animal in their ecosystems! They keep a balance that is essential for a livable and healthy planet. How can we , ourselves contribute to this?

  • Glenn Sommer on June 18, 2020

    I love how you see almost nothing about the Corona virus except for that dish, and they use viruses instead of virus when talking about bats…

  • Stay Mad on June 19, 2020


  • Muhammad Rizky Naufal on June 21, 2020

    I love bats, people that say bats caused the pandemic are people that aren't up to date, because covid 19 has an intermidiate host that was probably the pangolin

  • Who? on June 22, 2020

    Images of coronavirus

  • So proud of the Dr. Rodrigo Medellin and Mexico!!!

  • 672Kevin on June 25, 2020

    Not one mention of rabies. This is dishonest.

  • Lynn Leigha on June 25, 2020

    Exactly, don't blame the bats because humans are ignorant and will eat just about anything. I mean people didn't go off on monkeys w some due ate a virus ridden one and infected people w Ebola.. I think bats are adorable

  • Wayne Payne98 on June 25, 2020

    This didn't age well

  • J. J. on June 28, 2020

    We need them, they dont need us….!!! Bats…are good!!! We are bad..!!!

  • Lanna's Missing Link on July 3, 2020

    My teacher when I was a kid told us of one time she left the window open at night and woke up to a bat in her bed. It still makes me shudder…

  • HP Robin on July 5, 2020

    Bats in What we do in the shadows is kinda cute

  • Mona Cruz on July 6, 2020

    PROTECT THE BATS! 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

  • Jade Strawberry on August 3, 2020

    This tone towards bats is much better than NatGeo's 2012 misinformation that bats are bad. There are many very hardworking volunteers in the United States and Australia who care for and rescue bats on a daily basis. Volunteers. Meaning no government money to save animal where our ecosystem depends on to provide us with food.

  • sachin deshpande on September 30, 2020

    Bats are important because they spread coronavirus and control human population grown like a pest.

  • constance Rose on October 30, 2020


  • Goku le gana on December 10, 2020

    I never have fear for the bats, i think they are cute puppies with wings
    But don't eat them, you know why

  • Gender not found :/ on February 8, 2021

    Bats are such cuties! Whoever hurts these precious creatures will get the boot

  • Phyre Archer on February 22, 2021

    this didn't age well…

  • Feng Lei on May 24, 2021

    Has nothing against bats, in highschool i had a bat that always somehow found its way into my locker. lol Im still unsure how it kept getting back into it my locker.

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