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Why people are putting their pets on private planes out of Hong Kong ctm magazine

CNN’s Ivan Watson reports on the mounting pressure for pet owners wishing to leave Hong Kong to save their animals as officials kill thousands of hamsters and small animals over Covid-19 fears.

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  • The Progressive Goldbug on January 24, 2022

    Afraid they’ll wind up in a wet market no doubt…

  • A.d. on January 24, 2022

    If someone came for my dog they’d have to kill me first

  • Linda Memolo on January 24, 2022

    So, a pet hamster, or guinea pig that you love is worth less than dog, or cat? Hmmm…how about rising up against this bullshit?

  • Robert J on January 24, 2022

    their doing that because of our leftist biden economy mainly, so they will have something to eat due to our inflation like Venezuelans had to do. Get ready for the biden pain provided by the leftist , hell he might even get us in ww3

  • Make Racists Afraid Again on January 24, 2022

    Pets are family.
    You don't kill family.

  • caseclosed93 on January 24, 2022

    Well I see Hong Kong is becoming more like mainland China in the field of animal rights along with human rights…

  • Robert J on January 24, 2022

    as a country we are viewed as weak to the rest of the world thanks to the leftist voters. prepare for the biden pain as that pain looks like it will increase

  • Carolina ~ La Más Fina on January 24, 2022

    People should be equally kind and loving to all animals (pigs, cows, chickens) not just their pets.

  • kraken hunter on January 24, 2022

    Send them to maralago. All of em.

  • 广之 真田 on January 24, 2022

    We can't make Biden re-elected

  • A Infinitum on January 24, 2022

    God we're getting crazier by the day.

  • Rebecca Freeman on January 24, 2022

    because we are not testing the pets, duh

  • Socialism Sucks on January 24, 2022

    Unless you want your puppy served for dinner, put it on a plane.

  • Journeys Alkebulan on January 25, 2022

    This is absolutely evil what Hong Kong has done to those animals! I don't care who doesn't like what I said!

  • Jennifer Coleman on January 25, 2022

    They are so full of it. They are just killing animals to blame them instead of taking responsibility themselves!

  • PM D on January 25, 2022

    So wicked!! Hong Kong is the worst!! Been there and I am not surprised wickedness!!

  • Александр Ильенко on January 25, 2022

    СРЕДИ ВАС МНОГО ХОРОШИХ ЛЮДЕЙ! но рекламу я не всегда смотрю потому что думаю что знаю больше и мне это не всегда интересно спасибо за вашу культуру в Америке

  • Juan Valdez on January 25, 2022

    In case ya'll forgot to show this about your beloved potus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTJHXgPqaew

  • Jeffrey Kyle on January 25, 2022

    Slow news day?

  • Dr. James Olack on January 25, 2022

    What does Richard Gere have to say about this?

  • Steve B on January 25, 2022

    CNN, do you realize you are going down the drain with Harris + Biden?

  • alex Chan on January 25, 2022

    Denmark kill 17million mink due to covid-19 outbreak at 2020.
    Why focus on HK? Because of China?

  • CleverSound on January 25, 2022

    Killing hamsters and rats! Thats discrimination! Do better

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