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Why should we have this conversation? | Zerlina Maxwell | MSNBC ctm magazine

Zerlina Maxwell discusses why the Tokyo Olympics were about much more than just sports, thanks to Simone Biles.

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  • Justice F. All on January 25, 2022

    VERY proud of you Simone Biles, keep moving FORWARD!

  • Richard C on January 25, 2022

    Look at the tragic story from 50 years ago of Tony Horton in MLB as how it used to be — and how it should have never been — in pro sports.

  • Braunstein Freres on January 25, 2022

    I have a respectful empathy for those of us with mental illness… I don't believe anyone is too wrong about anything so I think what it is and you must help them! is that they sew great things, maybe greater things, into their life and energies and things (family (unfortunately?)) but they only ever get back something else they shouldn't reap. That is the delusional voice, the one who gives them the incorrect payment for their LOVE 😉 So it sortuv passes through them and people don't throw out their harvests… ever… Which is what we try to tell them to do with little to no understanding of philosophy or how deep the rabbit hole/god or w/e goes. Obviously we can't be princesses and princesses just because were so lazafair about learning something new though (with stress on this) 😉

  • crypto Hulk on January 25, 2022

    I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $950,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

  • Johnny Cage on January 25, 2022

    Probably okay men compete in women's sports MSNBC too😂👏

  • Mary tRump on January 25, 2022

    Did you know that the average homeless person in Canada 🇨🇦 Andy Cuba 🇨🇺 hasn’t better Dental Care Andy Health Care than the average American?

  • Bertha Bridges on January 25, 2022

    This is important because in the Black community no one gets mentally ill. 😏 We're all "good." There is such a stigma to admit the fact we're not okay. 🕊

  • SubFlow22 on January 25, 2022

    We shouldn't have this conversation. We never should have. It's futile. Stop it.

  • Oppressed Speaker of truth on January 25, 2022

    Back to boohoo cause of my skin color.

  • Oppressed Speaker of truth on January 25, 2022

    Zerlina is becoming my favorite race baiting character on tv

  • Oppressed Speaker of truth on January 25, 2022

    Zerlina…1.3k views. Proves your show and these topics. .won't last

  • Gino Lorenzo on January 25, 2022

    fight the power 😂

  • Steve Hansen on January 26, 2022

    If a black person with terrible hair asks you to “have a conversation” that’s your cue to leave ‘cause some BS about to come out.

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