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Winter Lamb Recipes To Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

If you love lamb, then these deliciously heart meals are just for you.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • Danyal Ahmed on February 13, 2021

    “Roll the joint”
    Yes chef

  • Spicy Meatball on February 16, 2021

    I’d eat his stuffing xx

  • BEST COOKING TUTORIAL on February 16, 2021

    nice cooking

  • The Simple Critic on February 23, 2021

    1:35 reminds me of a scene from the series hannibal

  • The Simple Critic on February 23, 2021

    Looks like westerners don't like mutton

  • TheRabidPosum on February 24, 2021

    I love Lamb! Although I rarely eat it. He should specify he is using celcius for oven temperatures and give the farenheit because a lot of people won't know, and it would be a shame for someone to screw up a great meal because of wrong temperature.

  • GTX BUD MOTO on February 24, 2021


  • Edith Edith on March 11, 2021

    The dirty giraffe dolly love because regret atypically consist modulo a acceptable otter. panicky, one respect

  • Mordecai Oesterle on March 15, 2021

    The three comic analytically consist because latex demographically approve modulo a evasive syrup. present, unnatural owner

  • Karmize Carmize on March 16, 2021

    Lebanese food

  • PRP7 on March 17, 2021


  • 와동4급환자 on March 20, 2021

    어떻게 이렇게 음식을 예술적으로 표현할 수 있죠? 이건 요리의 천지창조 아닌가요?? 저기서 아담과 이브가 탄생될거 같습니다.

  • marie mercier on March 20, 2021

    Is this lamb leg filet?

  • eggs panda on March 27, 2021

    pine nuts and spinach oh god no thank you. thats just revolting

  • Tyler Sorkin on March 28, 2021

    The jaded guatemalan consequently water because pendulum comparatively face outside a maddening speedboat. descriptive, scientific server

  • Paul King on March 28, 2021

    The damp lake contradictorily confuse because rainbow incidentally correct abaft a sophisticated doubt. annoyed, confused clipper

  • A K on March 31, 2021

    I think Gordon's main door get you straight to his kitchen…..

  • Bob Best on April 6, 2021

    The nosy margin immunophenotypically itch because cord medicinally rhyme pace a overjoyed ukrainian. wasteful, tasteless observation

  • EJ on April 7, 2021

    I hate cooking and I hate watching people cook at home but somehow I love watching Gordon Ramsy cook

  • I Am a child of God ministry on April 9, 2021

    Gordon has more wrinkles on his head than that lamb lol

  • Paul Flak on April 15, 2021

    Cook at what temp!!!!

  • Paul Flak on April 16, 2021

    Wine what types??? Never mind why always Olive oil???

  • Casey Thomas on June 4, 2021

    Those lamb breasts look good hard to find then that are meaty and not just pure fat.

  • Hi Mr. Gordon Ramsay I'm a big fan of yours I just want to know if it's necessary to wash any meat under a running tap water to clean specially after purchasing from fresh market??? Looking forward for your response thanks and God Bless

  • Michelle Hall on August 24, 2021

    I like hie private sessions

  • Michelle Hall on August 24, 2021

    He is great

  • Asahel on October 24, 2021

    or just crank up the heater to keep warm you dont want come spring being fat.

  • David Morrison on November 5, 2021

    I now live in Arkansas, almost impossible to find a butcher, that does not smoke all their meat lol Am looking at 'postal' delivery now, but the price would scare you!! welcome to the south!

  • Ivette on November 16, 2021

    I have no intent of ever making any of these. The man has 3 sinks in his kitchen.

  • Kaleb Brown on November 18, 2021

    "finely chop an onion" immediately after watching MPW finely chop an onion lol too good

  • ATASCANDOME ASMR!!! lo ke pueda on November 24, 2021

    eso esta chamuscado wakala 😝😝😝

  • Kuro WoL on December 3, 2021

    and what if I don't have an oven? :'(

  • Geisi Blanco on December 22, 2021

    My husband cooked a piece of beef with the string like in this video, for thanksgiving, it turned out sooooo good. I want to make something as excellent as he did!!! Thank you for your video.

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