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Words Are the Most Powerful Drug | Origins: The Journey of Humankind ctm magazine

Through the evolution of our tools for communication, we have propelled ourselves from hunter-gatherers into a complex and connected civilization.
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About Origins: The Journey of Humankind:
Hosted by Jason Silva, Origins: The Journey of Humankind rewinds all the way back to the beginning and traces the innovations that made us modern.

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Words Are the Most Powerful Drug | Origins: The Journey of Humankind

National Geographic



  • Wayward Son on March 25, 2017

    Please put some more emphasis on your words, Mr Narrator.

  • Robert Camastro on March 25, 2017

    If we all spoke the same language, we'd all be on the same page

  • Paul Garcia on March 25, 2017

    we are borg resistance is futile

  • ScorpionFury on March 26, 2017

    Whats the point making a short uninformative video like this? this is just spam/click bate – very disapointed​ NGC

  • Planetar on March 26, 2017

    Not words … but emotions. Thats drug.

  • Ishan Madhav on March 26, 2017


  • violetcrumble94 on March 26, 2017

    damn, like its obvious and I agree
    but calm down narrator my dude, don't enunciate like you're in the soaps

  • Muda Le on March 26, 2017

    I like the narrator. Not monotone, and very colorful with his energy. different than the old style of NNatGeo but different isn't bad here.

  • Vikram Saini on March 26, 2017


  • Daryl Benson on March 27, 2017

    Here are some words – This video is rich in hyperbole, lacking in content.

  • S A M on March 27, 2017

    how do i watch in Urdu or Hindi

  • Taher Almurisi on March 27, 2017

    Animals do communicate in some mysteries way like us

  • Jayden Watters on March 27, 2017

    Ideas are the most powerful drug*

  • RDJBJ on March 28, 2017

    jason silva needs to calm the frick down, ruining the show. not here to buy a used car.

  • Sarin Enjoyer on March 28, 2017

    Fucking love Jason silva

  • Mr. Meow Man on March 29, 2017

    whords arent drug

  • Manny on March 30, 2017

    This guy is too dramatic

  • NETi Zen on April 2, 2017

    hope is the greatest drug there is

  • Ethnicity on April 3, 2017

    Awesome video! 😀

  • F S on April 3, 2017

    Brilliant show and a very charismatic host. Excellent choice Nat Geo

  • i have to go to classes right now but watching this feels like i am going to war now…. so.much enthusiasm in narration

  • Aryan Ghomi on April 6, 2017

    The narrator is looking left at the teleprompter. Can't even memorize 2 sentences SMH.

  • banana republic on April 9, 2017

    it's like motivational video.

  • Boat Boat on April 10, 2017

    You know, I've noticed something about videos with geniuses in them. It's most likely someone who's Christian or thinks he's smarter or that it's ALL fake that comment one these videos along with people who have brains. And it's REAL fucking stupid.

  • Robin Betton on April 11, 2017

    all is well

  • Jay Cesar on April 23, 2017

    His voice is so interesting when heared.

  • justsue on May 8, 2017

    I love to watch this but the presenter is horrible. Very overemphasised speaking voice. Must have a very low budget.

  • Aya Khaled on June 20, 2017

    Omg this is amazing does anyone know the name of the soundtrack

  • Raine Dumonde on September 22, 2018

    All those people in the comments saying that the narrator has to calm down or that he's too dramatic but I actually liked the way he narrated.

  • AK Jelane on February 22, 2020

    Where I found the full version of this video?

  • Siberian Shepherd on May 20, 2020

    Language is not thoughts

  • Eric Elegado on June 4, 2021

    This would have been a good show but they picked the wrong host.

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